Saie on Creating Mindful Marketing with Social Media

    October 02 2020

    Saie founder Laney Crowell never quite felt like clean color cosmetics had that je ne sais quoi all-natural touting makeup brands possessed. So she enlisted the best to help create the vision she had in mind. With Saie, Laney crafted high performance, approachable, and dynamic shades that are both fun and good for you and your skin.

    After eight months of capturing the canvas' of clean beauty devotees with an array of innovative product reveals, Saie launched Glowy Super Gel in Sunglow, a lightweight luminous bronzer sans glitter. For Sunglow's debut, Saie announced the newness with a campaign spotlighting Salem Mitchell, a Black model with a face full of beautiful freckles. So why was this an excellent way to illustrate the bronzer's benefits? They made her skin shine through, her freckles were kept intact, and she was appeared super radiant. 

    In conjunction with the campaign images, Saie gifted a slew of influencers with a package mailing that included Sunglow, a Poolside beach bag, a Parachute Turkish towel, and the book Such a Fun Age by Black female author Kiley Reid. It was a thoughtful offering—the brand worked with like-minded companies to help frame with the storytelling around Sunglow and outline fashion the perfect beach day.

    Here, Saie's head of marketing and events, Erin Starkweather, shares how this unique campaign and gifting fared, and the lessons learned while undertaking a shoot during the pandemic.


    Saie's Goal for Sunglow

    Glowy Super Gel in Starglow is Saie’s best-selling product, so it was no surprise when our community asked for the same lightweight do-it-all formula, but with a bronzy glow. We wanted to make this moment extra special for those two reasons. It’s a cult-favorite asked for directly by our community and we knew we couldn’t let them down. Plus, at Saie, every product is a hero product. Our team worked hard to execute a thoughtful and engaging social media and influencer campaign and we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome.

    Sunglow's Social Impact

    The launch went great! We received so much feedback from our community about how the shade was perfect for summer. We also heard many people say how much they loved Salem’s look and loved how we kept her freckles exposed and not hidden. One DM read, "Her freckles are so beautiful. Love that they aren't covered up." She was the perfect model to champion this product launch. Both shades of Glowy Super Gel are universal and work on every skin tone, but the bronze effect of Sunglow makes it an even more perfect fit for darker skin tones, and Salem looked stunning. 

    We decided to tease Sunglow in advance because the campaign imagery was just so beautiful. We really wanted to amplify the moment on social media, so we scheduled a rollout and teased a handful of hero images and thought that would be a great way to get our community equally excited for the moment. 

    We also changed our traditional lilac logo to a beautiful bronze color to further celebrate the launch. Usually, we do everything in Saie lilac, but instead, the day before Sunglow launched, we made our icon on Instagram a Sunglow hue. We also do a series called Keep Glowing on Instagram stories and changed the background there too.

    One thing that’s so great about the Saie community is how they communicate with us. We received so much great feedback, mostly on DM, from our community, saying how exciting it was to see a new color scheme. It felt really fresh and new.


    Let Your Skin Shine Through

    The goal was to really let the product speak for itself. The Super Glowy Gel family is made with a medley of superhero ingredients and designed to show off your skin. We kept that in mind on set and made the decision to have Sunglow be the only product to appear on Salem’s face. We also felt it was important to show the model using Sunglow in the same way we recommended to our community: apply 1 to 2 pumps before the beach. Sunscreen and Sunglow, that's it. It’s the perfect product for that easy no-makeup look.

    A Mindful Mailing

    We try to make every mailing we do super intentional. We are mindful of waste and how excess gifting and packaging can have a negative effect on the environment. So when it came to Sunglow, we thought to ourselves: what would your perfect beach day look like? There was our answer. 

    We got in touch with the awesome team at Poolside and they created a totally customized Sunglow tote for us. We’re constantly thinking of ways our community can use and reuse our gifts. Inside the tote, we teamed up with Parachute for the perfect beach towel and included the highly acclaimed novel “Sun A Fun Age” by Kiley Reid.

    A Saie Photoshoot First

    This was our first campaign following the wake of COVID-19, so there were several safety guidelines that we had to adhere to. Ensuring our small team on set felt safe and comfortable was our top priority. We also created and distributed safety guidelines based on recommendations from the CDC to share with the team in advance. Luckily, we decided on the beach for our shoot location early on, so not only was it the most beautiful setting, but it also felt like the safest option.

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