Rising Trends for Food Brands

    May 24 2017

    When it comes to content and food, #FOMO has never been more relevant. There's no questioning food's prominence in the content landscape - especially with regard to its ever growing community-base on Instagram. In fact, a lot of what we're seeing in this particular space is led by those featured in our PLANOLEADERS series! With that in mind and as a follow up to our article on Rising Trends for Fashion Brands, today we're sharing a few key content and digital trends that are sweeping the culinary industry... and that will be sure to leave you hungry for more.
    Rising Trends for Food Brands - PLANOLY Blog - Best Practice

    Resourceful Storytelling

    Just as sustainability and the "where/how it's made" conversation has risen to prominence in fashion, this approach to food is nothing new. Social media has proven to be a powerful vehicle in taking this idea one step further in really educating the community in an impactful and creative way. Just ask PLANOLEADER Lauren Magenta who currently leads video content at Spoon University, a platform which is known for its quick, quirky how-to videos and other fun/ useful content.

    Video Content

    Video has long been regarded as a key vehicle in digital storytelling - there's nothing quite like watching melt-in-your-mouth goodness translate in real-time. From Instagram Live to GIFs and fun animations we're seeing restaurants, food brands and publications take advantage of a medium that is perhaps suited best for food and all of its delectable glory. We're currently inspired by @epicurious, @pinchofyum and @spoonuniversity.

    She's Got Personality

    Building a modern culinary brand now extends far beyond just making great food. From cookbooks to food styling, Instagram has made it possible to cook up a multifaceted public personality in the food space with infinite possibilities. We've seen it firsthand via PLANOLEADER Diana Yen who authored a cookbook and currently leads her food consultancy studio The Jewels of New York in which Diana shares tidbits of projects, collaborations and more at @jewelsofnewyork - not to mention Diana's adorable bunny @cleo_thebunny who was basically born for Instagram fame. Athena Calderone of Eye Swoon is also another relevant example of leader in this category as she seamlessly blends food, interior and design to create compelling lifestyle content no matter the season.


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