The Rise of the Micro-Influencer

    July 26 2017  |  Best Practices


    As social media continues to evolve, "influence" has taken on a whole new meaning in the realm of content marketing. While we've grown accustomed to seeing the usual "influencer marketing" trends, social users have become savvier and crave more than beautifully styled flat- lays. Authenticity and point of view are essential, and when valued on the brand side, these elements can result in incredible value for innovative companies. This article will address the rise of a new kind of micro-influencer and the positive power they bring to any marketing team's content strategy.
    The Rise of the Micro-Influencer - PLANOLY Blog

    By Definition

    For a quick refresher, micro-influencers commonly have two defining characteristics. On the quantitative side, they tend to have a smaller follower count, but with that, a highly-engaged audience evidenced in both likes and thoughtful comments (thoughtful being a key word here!). On the qualitative side, they demonstrate their distinct artistic vision via the actual content they create and post. In doing so, they can speak to their follower's visual, creative, and intrinsic preferences. These micro-influencers can seamlessly blend their penchant for content creation with their understanding of how to authentically connect with their audiences.

    Explore + Conquer the Content Space

    As modern brands know, there is strength in numbers, and once finding a content creator who aligns with a brand's mission, there is a good chance that one individual can point to those with shared values. So now that we know the characteristics of a micro-influencer, the next step is understanding where to find them. In the case of Instagram, the best place to start is Instagram's Explore page. In many cases, micro-influencers tend to interact with others in their category which makes it easy to not only follow along but join their conversations. The renowned beauty brand, Glossier, is a prime example of this. If you scroll through a couple of their popular hashtags (#glossier #glossierpink and #glossierinthewild), you'll find thousands of posts which showcase their growing community of micro-influencers who act as their ambassadors. The best part? Putting monetary or additional incentive aside, they like and USE the product.

    Hashtag #HUMANITY

    In examining these ideas, it's important to remember that micro-influencers bring a unique value that can't always be measured tangibly. This particular group injects an air of realness into social content, and in a competitive landscape dominated by trends and online expectations, finding these emerging voices who are on the cusp of something special presents an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship. For both the brand and their micro- influencer, there is nothing better than being on the ground floor of a mutually-beneficial partnership that can weather the rapidly changing social landscape.

    "These micro-influencers can seamlessly blend their penchant for content creation with their understanding of how to authentically connect with their audiences."
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