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    December 19 2019

    Scheduling content on the PLANOLY app just got a whole lot easier with Quick Schedule on PLANOLY mobile. Now you can easily (and quickly!) schedule Instagram content for both your Grid and Stories using our Quick Schedule feature. Quick Schedule allows you to set preset times to schedule or auto-post your Instagram content. In addition to establishing present times, you can enable your posts to schedule at "Best Time to Post," based on when your audience is most active on Instagram.Note: You can also establish and use Quick Schedule for Instagram on PLANOLY desktop, here's how. Quick Schedule is easy to enable and significantly reduces time spent content planning!

    How it Works

    Quick Schedule on mobile works similar to how it does on the PLANOLY web dashboard. The feature allows you to preset posting times for specific days of the week. By setting time slots for frequently used posting times, you'll significantly reduce the time spent scrolling to set the time for each post. For social media managers or business owners on the go, Quick Scheduling is a game-changer!How to Quick Schedule Content on PLANOLY Mobile

    Steps to Get Started

    1. To access your Quick Schedule on mobile, start with your Grid Planner View on PLANOLY mobile. Tap on the (+) icon to begin uploading the media you want to schedule to Instagram.
    2. Select the media that you'd like to schedule and use the toggle to choose 'Schedule.'
    3. Here you'll see the Schedule View, where you can select a Date & Time.
    4. You'll now see the option to 'Add A Quick Schedule' at the bottom.
    5. By tapping on 'Add A Quick Schedule,' you can select your preset time slots to schedule your Instagram content within the Grid Quick Schedule view.

    Note: In the Grid Quick Schedule View, you'll also see an option to turn on 'Best Time To Post.' This option recommends the best times to post determined by when your followers are most active on Instagram. These specific times are displayed with an Instagram icon. You can skip the next few steps if you want to rely on Quick Scheduling with the Best Time to Post instead of establishing your own preset times.

    Steps to Add Preset Time Slots for Quick Schedule

    1. Start by selecting the day of the week you'd like to schedule your content in the Grid Quick Schedule View.
    2. Switch between the days of the week above (Sunday - Saturday) to select your Date.
    3. Once you've selected the date, it's time to update the time! While in the Grid Quick Schedule View, tap on the (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Choose your desired time from the 'Add Quick Schedule Time' drop-down and select 'Save'. Your selected time(s) for that specific day will then begin to populate at the top of the screen.
    5. You can add more than one time slot for the same day of the week!
    6. You can also adjust the time of your previously preset Quick Schedule Times. Tap on the preset time slot you want to modify and use the drop-down to adjust the time.
    7. Once you've updated the Date & Times you'd like adjust, tap 'Save' on the top right hand corner of your Grid Quick Schedule View to return to the main Scheduling View.
    8. You'll now see your newly saved Grid Quick Schedule times based on the day of the week that you created them for. The preset time slots will pop up anytime you toggle to schedule content. And if you created multiple time slots for one day, they will all appear within this main scheduling view for you to scroll through your preset times.

    Ta-da! Scheduling and sharing content just got easier and more seamless!

    More on 'Best Time to Post'

    Gone are the days of trying to figure out which times are best for you to schedule your content on Instagram. When you toggle and enable Best Time to Post, it will display the recommended times for you to schedule your content. (These times will be indicated by an Instagram icon, similar to how they appear on the web dashboard) This option will help you share your content when your audience is most engaged.

    A Few Things to Note:

    • Our Quick Schedule update is available for iOS and Android users.
    • You must upgrade to a paid plan on PLANOLY to unlock Quick Schedule on mobile or desktop.
    • Best Times to Post recommendations require an Instagram Business or Creator Account.

    We hope this helps you get started with Quick Schedule! Start using the Quick Schedule feature on PLANOLY APP or WEB today to reduce your time spent scheduling. Also, be sure to check out new Analyze Web Dashboard update!

    PLANOLY simplifies social media marketing. The PLANOLY mobile and web platform helps to plan, schedule, and track your Instagram and Pinterest performance. Sign up below!

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