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    February 17 2020

    Our primary goal is to give you the tools needed to help make your social media marketing efforts more efficient and streamlined. The PLANOLY quick schedule and best time to post tools do just that. We want to allow you to have more free time on your calendar for the things that you love doing the most. This means less time on Instagram and more time being present with family and friends.

    Quick schedule allows you to preset your own frequently used posting times. The best time to post feature presents you with the best time to schedule your post based on when your unique followers are most active! Both features are here to simplify your social media planning process. Available both on WEB & MOBILE, the PLANOLY quick schedule tool allows you to set specific days and times throughout the week for your posts to go live or choose the best times based on when your followers are most active. You can easily set your quick schedule times for your content, drop in the media that you want to go live, and be utterly hands-off while they post throughout the week! It's the easiest way to stay active on social, without the need to feel continually 'active.' Let's dive into a few quick schedule best practices below!

    7 Quick Schedule Best Practices

    Understand Your Audience
    To understand your followers, it's essential to dive into which content resonates with them the most. Learn which posts or Stories your followers interact with by diving into your analytics to view the hours of the day your content performs best.

    Wondering When It's the Best Time to Post On Instagram?
    Use the best time to post feature! By enabling the best time to Post feature, you can view the most popular posting times on Instagram – based on when your followers are most active on the platform. Best Times to Post are indicated by an Instagram icon. Choose Quick Schedule time slots centered around these times and watch your content shine. See it in action on PLANOLY Mobile below!

    Share Fresh Yet Evergreen Content
    Use Quick Schedule to keep rotating through your arsenal of evergreen content, but don’t forget to continue to create fresh content for your audience too! Build your content around the seasons, holidays, and recent happenings. Your audience will continue to stay engaged when they know they can consistently remain updated by you.

    Adjust Your Quick Schedule Times Every Month
    There’s no specific formula when it comes to creating posting times. Have fun experimenting with our quick schedule tool to see which days and times work best for you, your content, and your audience. Try editing your time slots every few weeks to keep track of whether your audience better engages with your set times, “best times to post,” or a new set of daily times. 

    Do More for New Products or Partnerships
    If you’re working on an exciting collaboration or a sponsored campaign, place this high-priority content within your best or most popular quick schedule time slots to ensure you’re providing the most reach. For partnerships or important features for your business, rely on best times to post to ensure that your audience has a better chance of seeing them at peak posting times. 

    Create Meaningful Goals
    Don’t forget to continuously set goals for how often you schedule your content every week. Monthly, measure how you’re reaching new audiences by consistently scheduling your content. While we don’t encourage posting for the sake of posting, creating a routine will take the edge out of social media marketing.

    Do Something for Yourself.
    We understand the pressures of social media while running a business or managing a brand. The quick schedule tool is here to help you spend less time managing social media. Once you’ve scheduled out content for a week or two, prioritize some self-care. 

    Free up your calendar and schedule content more efficiently with our quick schedule feature. Save even more time when it comes to content planning by making extra room for the moments that matter most – like grabbing lunch with a loved one or taking a walk through the park with your furry friend. Don’t worry, PLANOLY will take it from here. 


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