PLANOLY's Quarterly Podcast Roundup

    December 03 2019

    The dinner party question, "Which podcast are you listening to right now?" has outpaced the age-old, "Which TV shows are you into these days?" And it's about time! Podcasts keep us blissfully distracted on a long commute and accompany us while we fold a month's worth of laundry. Most of all, podcasts provide us with interesting talking points to get us through small talk. From unsolved cosmic mysteries to government reform, there's a podcast for everyone. So we asked around our office and came back with our top picks this quarter.

    Business & Finance: Robinhood Snacks Daily

    What we love about this podcast:

    • Concise, entertaining, and informative episodes
    • All it takes is 15-20 minutes to get the latest stock updates and business stories
    • Though they target millennials, both novices and experts in finance can appreciate the daily updates

    Start with a favorite: Amazon knocks off Allbirds, Target's shipping nirvana, PayPal buys $4B of Honey.

    Career & Entrepreneurship: Raw Milk with Beth Kirby

    What we love about this podcast:

    • Great advice for Instagram-focused creatives and marketers
    • Raw conversations on what it takes to grow a business
    • Experiencing newfound inspiration to fuel your work after each listen

    Mind & Spirituality: Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

    What we love about this podcast:

    • Conversations that help listeners dig deeper on tough topics, like healing, mental health, and spirituality
    • Transformative life lessons from thought leaders and experts across all walks of life
    • With wellness at the forefront of every technological change now, this podcast is one to help you prioritize mindfulness above all

    Start with a favorite: The Universe Has Your Back.

    Content & Digital Marketing: CopyBlogger FM

    What we love about this podcast:

    • The variety of strategies, tips, and trend forecasting for content marketers
    • Discover ways to become an impactful writer
    • Learn tactical ways to improve your writing style, voice, and mindset

    Start with a favorite: Why the Future is Still Email.

    Human & Internet Stories: Reply All

    What we love about this podcast:

    • Unique and captivating storytelling – yes, even the recent one about "Feral Hogs"
    • A charming and amusing listen for any long commute
    • The balance between investigative reporting and witty commentary

    Start with a favorite: #132 Negative Mount Pleasant. For more roundups, check out our weekly social media news updates here. PLANOLY simplifies social media marketing. The PLANOLY APP and WEB platform helps to plan, schedule, and track your Instagram and Pinterest performance. Sign up below.

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