Save Time & Grow Your Reach with Product Tagging for Instagram

    September 20 2022

    Shop owners, rejoice! We’re excited to announce that you can now tag Instagram products while planning your content in PLANOLY. With this new paid feature, you can now add your product tags directly to your content while you’re planning. In addition, you can set your tagged content to auto-post to Instagram so you can get back to running your brand or business.

    Speaking of business–did you know that over fifty percent of Instagram users say they shop on the platform on a weekly basis? That’s a big opportunity to reach more buyers. Whether you have an Instagram Shop set up already, or are looking for additional ways to market your shoppable brand or business, keep reading to learn how our latest addition to PLANOLY can help you grow your reach while simplifying your social planning workflow.

    First, What’s Instagram Shopping?

    If you’re wondering: “How does shopping on Instagram work and what does this mean for my business?” we’ve got you covered. Shopping posts are meant to help users find and purchase products directly from the Instagram app. By tagging a product in an image or video post, businesses and brands bring visibility to their products and seamlessly enable users to view and buy them–and sellers of all sizes can benefit. 

    Take it from fashion brand Barbour, who saw a whopping 98 percent increase in website traffic since implementing shopping tags in their Instagram posts!

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    Where Can I Find the Product Tagging Feature?

    Before jumping into how to make the most of product tagging in PLANOLY, let’s navigate to where you can find this feature. Product tagging is available on both the Web Dashboard and Mobile App. Ensure you’ve linked an Instagram account first, then upload a new piece of content.

    Once in the editor pane, look for the shopping bag icon below the caption area. Now you can tag your products, along with user and location tags, while mapping out your content in PLANOLY!

    How to Plan & Schedule Your Product Tags 

    With so many features on the Instagram platform, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with what to prioritize. Product tagging is a simple, quick way to gain more visibility for your business and increase the likelihood of sales. 

    Begin by uploading a single photo, video, or carousel to your Instagram grid on your PLANOLY. From here, you’ll be able to tag up to five products per post. 

    Lastly, make sure to schedule your content to auto-post by enabling the “auto post to Instagram” toggle in your editor window and selecting the date and time you want your content to post. 

    How to Enable Product Tagging in Your PLANOLY Account

    To enable this feature in PLANOLY, you must have an Instagram Business account linked to a Facebook Business page. Learn more about how to set this up here. On the Instagram end, you’ll need to have an approved Instagram Shop as well as an Admin role as the business manager that owns the Instagram Shop. 

    View our Help Guides to learn more about how to set up an Instagram Shop and how to link your Shop to PLANOLY to enable the product tagging feature.

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    Grow your reach and simplify your planning workflow with this small but mighty tool now available to you in PLANOLY! Upgrade to a paid plan or begin a 7-day trial to access today. 

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