How to Prep for Content in the New Year

    November 12 2018

    How to Prep for Content in the New Year

    November 12 2018  |  Best Practices


    A New Year means new possibilities, new goals to tackle, new ideas to dream up, and new content for the months ahead! As fun as it is to plan all of your content for holidays, it's equally (if not more) fun to plan all of the exciting content that comes after. It's time again to prep for an exciting new year ahead! Below, we're going to be talking about seven different ways in which you can strategize for fresh content in the new year.

    7 Ways to Plan Your Content for the Year Ahead:

    1. Fine Tune Your Goals for the New Year

    Brainstorm and decide what your top goals are for the year ahead. Do you want to incorporate more lifestyle posts into your content, are you looking to collaborate on more sponsored campaigns, or do you want to show more of your decor and DIY side? These are all things to consider and think about when going into the new year. Ask yourself whether you want to stick to your usual and consistent blog post formula, or if you're wanting to branch out a little with your content by stepping outside of the box and sharing something new.

    "Brainstorm and decide what your top goals are for the year ahead."
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    2. Implement a Little Market Research

    One great way to gather ideas as to what content to share is by gauging and interacting with your audience. This will allow you to get a better idea of the posts that they would like to see from you. After all, the content you're creating should always reflect the needs & wants of your readers. (This will make for a great and organic connection with your audience!) I typically like to poll my readers on Instagram or ask them questions in bold font on blog posts to grab their attention and engage them in the conversation. You can also create online polls for them through tools like Survey Monkey. All of the above are great options when trying to gather content ideas from your readers. (Your best audience!)

    3. Check Your Calendar for Upcoming Holidays

    I like to view my calendar at a glance so that I can see which holidays and events are coming up in the next few weeks/months ahead. This further broadens the possibility of new content, by allowing me to pencil in other blog post ideas! It adds on a layer of holiday content too and keeps things light and fun. (Because, who doesn't love national lipstick day or national donut day?) A great way to incorporate one of these holidays into a post would be by talking about your favorite lipstick shades on NLD or favorite places to grab a donut or baked goods in your local city on NDD!)

    4. Build Upon Previous Posts and Repurpose Content

    A great way to create new content is by re-using or repurposing old content that you've previously posted. It's very likely, that if you've been blogging for a few years, it means you must have some fantastic content tucked away way within your post archives. The new year is the perfect time to breathe some life back into those older posts! Share previous blog posts by incorporating newness into them with recent articles that you can link to, new and relevant products, or the same post but new images!

    5. Decide Your Posting Schedule

    Once you're set on the content that you'd like to share throughout the year, you can begin creating your posting schedule for the days, weeks, and months ahead. Begin by brainstorming a timeline and specified days for content topics. I typically like to schedule posts with the following formula: Mon, Wed, and Fri = style and outfit posts, Tues and Thurs = lifestyle posts (recipes, home, life lately), and if I post on Saturdays it's for an occasional life update, favorite things around the web, or fun "bonus content"! I like to try and stick to a Monday - Friday posting schedule as best as I can, and leave the weekends for prepping content and gathering inspo.

    "A great way to create new content is by re-using or repurposing old content that you've previously posted."
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    6. Prep Your Content Calendar

    This part is my favorite. I LOVE creating a google doc with upcoming content ideas and then transferring them over to my content calendar for the months ahead. When creating my google doc, I typically like to start with the Month and Year and then include bullets below of the content that I would like to share within each month. I love to go back and review the doc to check and see if there's anything I have duplicates of, or if there are any other posts I want to add in as well as some that I might want to cross out.

    7. Schedule Out Sponsored Posts/Collaborations

    The last thing that you can begin doing when prepping content for the new year is mapping out sponsored posts/collaborations that you have planned for the weeks and months ahead. Depending on the networks that you partner with, the brands that you've scheduled partnerships with, and the amount of sponsored campaigns you'd like to work on in the new year, it's always great to have a good idea of what's ahead. Create an outline of the amount of sponsored campaigns you'd like to include within each month (something that works best for your overall content), and stick with that plan.


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