First 4-in-1 Video Planner: Post Your Content on Multiple Social Media Platforms

    September 07 2022

    We're excited to announce that you can now plan, customize, and schedule your video content for TikTok, Instagram Reels, Pinterest Idea Pins & YouTube Shorts all within PLANOLY’s Video Planner! Save time planning for all of your channels and organize your video content in one place. 

    Before diving into how to plan, customize, and schedule your videos across channels, let’s navigate to where you’ll begin in PLANOLY. Access this feature in your Web Dashboard or the PLANOLY Mobile App by first linking a TikTok account. Once your TikTok is linked, select your user profile and you’ll be directed to the Video Planner dashboard. Select “+ New Video Post” and upload one video, which you will now be able to customize for all four channels!

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    Organize & Plan Your Video Content 

    Organizing your content in Video Planner allows you to focus on growing any brand or business you manage instead of updating planning tools. Get started easily planning all of your short-form video content without leaving PLANOLY

    You can begin with finding inspiration from our weekly trending video recommendations (found every Monday of the week in your social calendar), or use your Ideas Manager to refer back to TikTok sounds or videos you saved while scrolling.

    Next, upload a video for TikTok on your Web Dashboard or Mobile App, then add your caption and audio URL. Your video must be at least 2 seconds long and can be up to 60 seconds long. 

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: You can upload a “raw” video and finish editing in TikTok when you're ready to publish. 

    Customize Your Post Across Channels

    Now that you've uploaded a video and added details for TikTok, you can turn on the "Customize" toggle from the top right corner of your scheduling page to begin repurposing your content for other channels. Now you can continue to adjust your caption for Instagram Reels, Pinterest Idea Pins, and YouTube Shorts when you select each of the channel tabs. 

    Without needing to upload four separate videos or use other platforms to track your captions, you can save time repurposing your content for your most important channels by customizing everything right here in PLANOLY.  

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: The fastest way to go about repurposing your video content is to edit your video on the platform you're prioritizing first. If that's TikTok, edit your video in TikTok, then save and schedule the video to post to all of the platforms you'd like to share it to. 

    Schedule & Post Your Videos On-the-Go

    Schedule the date and time you want your content to go live from the same editor pane in your Web Dashboard. Once it’s time to post, you’ll receive a reminder notification on your phone so you can publish your videos from anywhere. (Make sure you have the PLANOLY Mobile App downloaded to receive these notifications!).

    When you click on the reminder notification, you’ll be taken to a “Ready to Post” screen in the App. You’ll be able to copy your captions (as well as sound URLs for TikTok) and import your video to each platform to finish posting your content by selecting the “Copy & Open” button for each platform. 

    Once you’ve finished posting, you can select the “Mark as Completed” button from the same “Ready to Post” screen on your Mobile App. Your video will then move to the “Completed” tab in Video Planner.

    Learn more about how to organize and customize your content across channels by visiting our Help Guide

    Save time and simplify your video planning workflow! Try Video Planner for free with a 7-day trial.

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