Planoly's New Look and Instagram Stories Planner

    April 15 2019

    Planoly's New Look and Instagram Stories Planner

    April 15 2019  |  Best Practices


    PLANOLY got a makeover as well as a whole new system for planning and scheduling out your Instagram Stories! Our new look is meant to make your planning strategies even more effortless, so we moved a few things around and added some amazing new features that you'll love. The main change also comes with our updated Instagram Stories Planner to make it even easier for you to plan out your Instagram Story content. We also made it accessible on web or mobile so that you can prepare your Instagram Stories as efficiently as possible! Continue reading below to learn more about our new look, Stories Planner features, and more.

    New Look, Who Dis?

    While it's not an extremely drastic change, you might have noticed that we made some changes to our PLANOLY web dashboard (all in the name of simplifying, of course). Our menu bar has shifted slightly in order to streamline all of your planning needs. Above the PLANOLY grid, you'll see a menu bar with various icons that include Stories (or Grid), Multi Stories (or Multi), Add Story (or Add to Grid), Select, and Hashtag. By clicking on Stories or Grid in the menu bar, you can toggle between your PLANOLY grid or Instagram Stories planner. The best part about the new grid view is that you can see upcoming Stories you have planned in the StoryBar similar to the Instagram Stories view on Instagram - read more about the new StoryBar here.

    "Planoly got a makeover as well as a whole new system for planning and scheduling out your Instagram Stories!"
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    How to Use the New Stories Planner

    Our new Instagram Stories Planner mirrors the same way that you would plan out your Instagram grid on PLANOLY, but it's specified towards IG Stories. We made it extremely user-friendly and easy for anyone to use and maneuver. The new Stories Planner is meant to be your "Story Board" or a quick way to visualize your upcoming Stories content all at once. We also updated our 'Drag and Drop' feature to play around with your upcoming Instagram Stories content before scheduling it out. You can upload content by clicking 'Add Story' and selecting My Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. *PLANOLY Tip: Drop content directly from your desktop into your PLANOLY Stories Planner. In addition to the new Stories Planner, you now have the option to upload multiple Instagram Stories from PLANOLY to Instagram. This is perfect for when you have an Instagram takeover, tutorial, campaign announcement, or need to upload multiple Stories at the same time. Learn more about how to use the Multi-Stories feature here. While some app or phone updates can be complicated, we think our PLANOLY makeover is subtle and accommodating to your planning strategies. It all comes down to simplifying and saving time, so we like to take a "less is more" approach in all of our design aspects. We hope you enjoy the new updates and features, and as always, stay tuned in to the PLANOLY blog for more updates in the future.


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