Planoly's Influencer Goal Setting Worksheet

    October 30 2018

    The life of a blogger or influencer can be a bit hectic at times. Most of the time, we're trying to juggle several different things at once while also trying not to lose our minds! Whether we're working as our own mini PR and marketing team while sending out emails to brands, coordinating a shoot AND shooting with our photographer, writing and prepping new blog content, and ultimately planning and publishing posts across our blog & social channels...there's a lot that always needs to be done. Needless to say, things can get a little CRAZY. Whether you're brand new to blogging, have been in it for a few years, or are a veteran (like me!) with over 5+ years experience in the space...there's one thing that is always great to set in place for yourself during the very beginning stages of your influencer journey - an Influencer Goal Setting Worksheet!

    "I needed to begin looking at my blog as a business instead of just a hobby."
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    When I first started blogging, I didn't know what I wanted out of my blog. I knew that - 1. I loved to write & create content, 2. I loved fashion, and 3. I wanted to share my style with others. Everything else I could figure out along the way, right? Hmmm...not quite. It wasn't until my second year of blogging, that I realized I could gain income off of my website, and that others were seeing that I had quality content to share. I then needed to begin looking at my blog as a business instead of just a hobby. That's where the Influencer Goal Setting Worksheet comes into play! I wanted to create a vision board with ways in which I could plan out the next few years of my blogging career. I started small, and then mapped out bigger & bigger goals + dreams. I also tried to stick with goals that I felt would be realistic, and ones that could allow me to push myself out of my comfort zone as my blogging career progressed over the years. (In other words, I was dreaming BIG y'all. And the truth is, I had to! No one else was going to dream my dreams for me.) The crazy thing is the more that I focused on these big goals happening, the more they did! Below is a small overview of the goals that I included on my list when I was goal-setting for myself during the beginning (yours might look different!), and some examples that you could go by for your worksheet too. :)

    Goals By Year:

    (Year 1, 2, 3,...of blogging)

    • Gain Access To Product Gifting: Year 1
    • Collaborate on Paid Campaigns: Year 2
    • Attend New York Fashion Week: Year 2
    • Host an In-store Event: Year 2
    • Be Featured in a Magazine: Year 3
    • Speak on a Panel: Year 3
    • Start a Clothing Line: Year 4
    • Open Your Own Store: Year 5
    • Write for a Magazine: Year 6

    What would you include on your goal sheet? (You can get started with your own by clicking on the download button below!)

    Download the Influencer Goal Setting Worksheet Here!


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