Planoly's Content Club: Sakara Life and Paper Craft Pantry

    September 29 2017

    We couldn't be more excited to feature Olivia McCurdy-McGee of Sakara Life and Pei Sim of The Paper + Craft Pantry on our Content Club series! They are entrepreneurs from very different fields, but both have an amazing vision when it comes to social strategy and marketing their products. Sakara Life is all about putting a sexy spin on plant-based eating and they do an incredible job by having consistent content that is always on brand. The Paper + Craft Pantry not only sells adorable stationary and craft supplies but they have built up a community that educates small businesses - including workshops every week that are continually packed with eager entrepreneurs. Read on to discover their process for telling a visual story, staying connected with their IG community, and how they both use PLANOLY to keep everything organized!

    Olivia McCurdy-McGee, Marketing Manager at Sakara Life

    Please introduce yourself!

    Hi! My name is Olivia. I am a marketing and social media manager at Sakara Life, a plant-based meal delivery and wellness company. I'm 27, and I live in Lower East Side, Manhattan. I was in college when Social Media morphed from a fun game-like hobby to a business growth tool, and I became obsessed with advertising in the social space. I landed at Sakara after spending a few years building up a food-related Instagram with a friend (@hungrygrls) and working in marketing in the startup tech space.

    Tell us more about your endeavors. What do you hope they contribute to the current content landscape?

    Through my endeavors, I hope to inspire and educate our followers on the power of plant-based eating. A lot of people associate veganism with '70s era health food stores that smell like vitamins and wheatgrass. I strive to take that crunchy "food as medicine" concept and put a sexy spin on it.

    Regarding social media, what does having a "plan" mean to you and your work?

    At Sakara, we move at a million miles a minute. Even having a few days of content mapped out brings structure and peace to an otherwise extremely chaotic day-to-day.

    How has PLANOLY helped to enhance your overall strategy and what is the most unexpected discovery you've made as a result of using the app?

    We invest a lot of time and effort into our branding. Using PLANOLY helps us visually communicate our larger story while also telling several smaller stories.

    Planoly's Content Club: Sakara Life 2

    Pei Sim, Owner of The Paper + Craft Pantry

    Please introduce yourself!

    Besides being the owner of The Paper + Craft Pantry, I am an avid DIY-er and crafter. I started The Paper + Craft Pantry to share two of my favorite things, stationery, and workshops! I started out in the small business world almost four years ago as the designer and maker behind a small stationery brand in Houston, Texas. As I grew my business, I was able to identify that what I loved most about my business - which was all the people and fellow small businesses I got to work with. With that intention in mind, I opened The Paper + Craft Pantry with the integrity to stock the shelves with quality and independently designed paper goods. We choose to invite in only the very best instructors, who all also own their own businesses. Behind The Paper + Craft Pantry's iconic mural and mint green door in East Austin, I've blended two of our favorite things to create a space that is part stationery shop and part workshop studio here in Austin, Texas. In The Paper + Craft Pantry retail shop, we work with incredible, independent designers to showcase their paper goods and homewares. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to share over 65+ local designers from Austin, to designers from all across the United States and even from abroad. Our workshop studio basks in natural light and plays hostess to a variety of workshops and events for our community. Our studio calendar has a huge variety of classes that range from calligraphy and hand lettering, to cookie decorating and small business marketing workshops.

    What is your favorite aspect of being a digitally-native brand and what would be one thing you would recommend taking into account for individuals who may be looking to launch a "social-first" brand?

    A picture is worth a thousand words! And being able to communicate our story through images has been extremely powerful for us. My favorite thing is being able to connect with folks outside of our immediate community, like people abroad who follow along with our journey even though they have never physically been into our shop. It's even better when they do finally visit, and let me know they've been following along for the past couple of years!

    PLANOLY is all about empowering users to tell their story visually. What are some key elements that you always consider when planning your feed and the content you create?

    A big priority for me is that everything we share and post is going to add some value to our community. I love knowing that even if someone can't take an upcoming workshop in a picture we posted, it's a beautiful and inspiring image to brighten their day. I focus on what our community has shown us they like/love and staying consistent with sharing quality content.

    What does having a "plan" mean to you and your work and how has social media changed your overarching professional plans and dreams?

    Having a plan helps me streamline and allocate the right amount of time to social media. Social media has played a huge role in allowing me to grow my business as a one woman show (with a very lean and small team as support) It's allowed us to reach our people and our community! We've had so many folks who come in and tell us they've been following us or saw a specific post that prompted them to come into our shop or got them to sign up for one of our workshops! These are the people who share about our business with their friends, who then tell their friends.

    How has PLANOLY helped to enhance your overall strategy and what is the most unexpected discovery you've made as a result of using the app?

    Being able to visually plan out our content has been great, but having the monthly overview to check-in on what posts need to be shifted around based on what's going on in our studio has been such a great tool. The ability to respond to comments on a keyboard also saves a TON of our time!Planoly's Content Club Paper Craft Pantry


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