Planoly's Content Club, No.1

    August 20 2017

    Planoly's Content Club, No.1

    August 20 2017  |  Interviews


    At PLANOLY we love getting to know the brilliant content creators and brands who use our services, and in turn, create amazing Instagram content. As our community grows, we're especially thankful for our highly-engaged users who are not only using PLANOLY but championing its very existence and spreading the word about our mission. Today, we're excited to celebrate them by sharing our first Content Club article which introduces a few of these amazing marketers, entrepreneurs, and social stars, as well as shed light on their respective endeavors. Discover it below and stay tuned for the next installment of this series!

    Art by Megan

    Please introduce yourself!
    I'm Megan Elizabeth of Art by Megan. I'm an abstract painter and illustrator working in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a mom, wife, and I love adventures and travel all over the world. I'm the NYC leader of the Rising Tide Society, and I work for a workflow start-up in San Francisco called Honeybook, too!

    Tell us more about your endeavors. What do you hope they contribute to the current content landscape?
    One of the most important parts of my business and the content I share is that I want to be a "real," genuine and approachable artist. I love what I do so much and feel that I can share with other artists and creatives, aspiring or established. I love the idea of building community and helping others succeed, and I firmly believe that there is enough space for all creatives to thrive in their businesses with the help of others.

    Regarding social media, what does having a "plan" mean to you and your work?
    As a busy mom, contractor for a start-up and small business owner, streamlining is essential to my life. Any way I can become more efficient, smarter or more organized is hugely helpful to me. Using PLANOLY for my social media plan had not only helped my feed to become more cohesive and attractive, but it has given me the mental space to deliver more meaningful and thoughtful content to my followers.

    How has PLANOLY helped to enhance your overall strategy and what is the most unexpected discovery you've made as a result of using the app?
    I love PLANOLY and the feature for planning out my week in advance. I have been really impressed by the entire concept of pre-planning for my business, and it has freed up time for other tasks that I can dedicate my "extra" time too!


    The EmmaRose Agency

    Please introduce yourself!
    Hi! My name is Tiffany, and I am the Head Designer and Owner of The EmmaRose Agency, a creative based branding firm. We help women entrepreneurs reintroduce their brands to the world with beauty, luxury and elegance through classic logo design, stunning photography, and custom web design. Recently, The Agency has expanded its horizons to educating up-and-coming creative women in business through a live event lovingly named The Brand Passion Guide Workshop.

    Tell us more about your endeavors. What do you hope they contribute to the current content landscape?
    As I gain momentum into developing into a full-service creative firm, my audience demands more and more useful content on a consistent basis. Gone are the days of solely offering a quick tip or two on how to develop a brand! Now I focus on carefully planning out free content that not only will educate entrepreneurs on branding but other areas such as networking and collaborations, marketing, social media and general inspiration. Here's the deal: the online education industry is thriving, and it is my hope that in 2018, The Agency will be able to occupy that space. I've learned that to get those sales you must develop a relationship of trust with your audience or in this case potential consumers. Providing loads of quality free content that adds value to their business and keeps them coming back for more!

    Regarding social media, what does having a "plan" mean to you and your work?
    Social Media for business owners can become very overwhelming, very quickly! There are so many options to choose from and so many different approaches to how each platform can be used to best benefit our businesses. Over the last few years, I've advised business owners to create a Platform Plan. I'm sure you are very familiar with a how to create a content calendar, but one day, during my rebrand, a few questions arose. "How many platforms should my business have a presence upon?" "Will I drive myself crazy attempting to keep up with five or so different accounts?" And the answer was YES. Narrowing down which platforms fit your brand and reach your target audience the fastest will not only save you a lot of time, but also will give you more control over how your brand is perceived. Disclaimer: This requires some research ladies! I personally decided that Instagram was my number one priority. Instagram allows me to display my work, produce content to educate and start-up.

    How has PLANOLY helped to enhance your overall strategy and what is the most unexpected discovery you've made as a result of using the app?
    As a brand designer, I always think of aesthetics first. While developing my editorial calendar content I first imagine the color palettes, hold creative meetings with my photographer and then finally focus on the copy. I'm in the business of creating stunning visuals, and my brand has to remain on point at all times. Before PLANOLY, all of my team's hard work could never fully be enjoyed. Guessing what photo would correspond with the next was a complete headache. And don't even get me started on pre-planning posts. It was all just a shot in the dark. The flexibility that PLANOLY offers is completely unmatched. The drag and drop system is the easiest wish list feature for quickly styling your feed to perfection. Having the ability to look at my Top 9 (the foremost posts in my feed) has undeniably contributed to an increase in my following and overall brand cohesion. Unexpectedly, the analytics page is what I obsess over the most. Checking in each week to see how I've measured up to the previous, is exciting and drives me to maintain my stats but develop different strategies to increase those numbers.

    Planoly's Content Club - EmmaRose Agency


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