Planoly's Content Club: Go Live HQ

    April 01 2018

    As our Content Club series continues, we're excited to introduce more change-makers who are revolutionizing the way we plan and create compelling content. From addressing the rapidly changing social media landscape to establishing methods for efficiently planning ahead, today's interviewee shares more on her business, and the important role social media has played in building her customer community. Check out our chat with one of our favorite #girlbosses below!

    Please introduce yourself!

    Hey there! I'm Promise, the CEO and Creative Director of Go Live HQ. I'm also the wife to a DREAMY worship pastor Brian Wurzell, dog mom to Parker, and an artistic fashion junky. You can usually find me working at my desk blasting LANY on my Spotify with a La Croix in-hand. My passion is helping creative girl bosses KILL IT online in a simple, stylish and strategic way. At Go Live HQ, we sell easy-to-use and customizable website templates, give clients their dream home on the web with custom web design, and dish out our best business tips with our Clarity Calls and on our blog.

    Being that Go Live has many different facets and services how have you learned to streamline your planning and content strategy to cater to each one?

    This is such a good question! Our trick is to have a "filter question." Essentially, we ask ourselves with each blog post or social media post: "Does this serve a girl boss looking to launch or lead their business better?" Our main audience we serve with our content is female entrepreneurs and bloggers looking to kill it in their online business. On the blog, we post helpful tips to serve that audience, and on our Instagram, we share inspiration, tips, and advice to that audience as well. However, that can look so different depending on the type of post! We've got mood boards, logo designs, websites that have used our templates, custom website design features, and photos of us in the office. All of this is done so that we can serve and inspire that group of girl bosses who are looking to launch, rebrand or just run their business or blog successfully. We LOVE using PLANOLY for this! We sit down each month and plan out two posts per day using PLANOLY's amazing features. We love that we're not necessarily locked into a plan since we can drag and drop posts as we make changes. We know for sure that each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we'll have a new blog post, so we plug those in first! After that, we plug in new product launches, client features, throwbacks and inspiration posts.

    "Having professional branding is vital if you want to build trust and loyalty online."
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    Planoly is all about empowering users to tell their story visually. Since the inception of GO LIVE what have you learned about the importance of visuals since initially launching the business?

    Visuals are CRITICAL for your brand, business or blog! First, having professional branding is vital if you want to build trust and loyalty online. These days, you can pick out an outdated site or logo instantly. If you're stuck in the past with your visuals, people will think it's been awhile since you've been in business, that you probably aren't an industry leader, or that you might not be trustworthy online. Having a new, clean, and updated look online can immediately make you stand out online and build your "Know, Like & Trust" factor. So now that you have professional branding for your colors and logos, a lot of people think they can stick any stock photo up on their site and call it good. No way! The key thing we preach at Go Live HQ is to have appropriate visuals that fit your brand and attract your ideal client! From the moment someone lands on your homepage, your ideal client should see themselves on that site. Choosing photos that reflect your ideal client regarding age, marital status, lifestyle, etc. is so important so that people can see themselves in your brand.

    As social media continues to evolve how do you think the idea of "planning" evolves with it? As someone in this space, how would you advise others to keep up with the pace of change?

    PLAN AHEAD, FRIENDS! As our business grows and as social media becomes the way that we communicate with our clients and customers, we HAVE to be more strategic with social media. PLUS, when you're in a visual field like photography and design, using a service that helps you visually plan out your content is CRITICAL. Being active and engaged online is vital to your business! Making it a priority to post and plan is so important. When people see you kicking out new content or posting on Instagram, you're able to reach more people, you're able to speak directly to your audience, and you're able to build trust and loyalty because you look like you're killing it online. Of course, someone would want to hire you or buy from you because you're active, engaged and showing that your business is thriving online. That can feel a little overwhelming and people think that they have to be cranking out millions of posts in a short timeframe. We don't! We believe in posting consistently and posting quality over quantity. We also believe in batch working at Go Live HQ, which means we plan out in chunks! It saves us so much time, plus we can be more thoughtful and strategic about each post we have coming up in the month. It feels so much better than flying by the seat of our pants each day.


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