Planoly's Content Club: Chameleon Cold-Brew

    November 03 2017

    For this Content Club series, we're featuring Rachel Kusin (Brand Manager) of Chameleon Cold-Brew. Chameleon Cold-Brew was founded in Austin, and place a high value on community and quality. Chameleon Cold-Brew bottles organic, free trade cold-brew coffee in a variety of all-natural flavors. This creative mind has a lot of insight when it comes to branding, strategizing and planning. Read on to find out how they tell a visual story and craft amazing content on social media!

    Please introduce yourself!

    I'm Rachel Kusin, the Brand Manager at Chameleon Cold-Brew. I have a love for coffee and the community that it inspires. Among the many hats I wear, I've been grateful to work with an all-star team to build Chameleon's online community. We started as a small Austin startup and have evolved the brand to a national scale while staying true to our Austin roots. Outside of the busy start-up life, you can find me exploring new restaurants, walking the lake or planning my next big trip.

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    In your own words, how would you characterize social media and what do you think is the most exciting element?

    Social media provides a platform to build community. One of my favorite parts about leading the social media team at Chameleon is interacting with our fans and seeing the "Chameleon Crew" grow. It's exciting to see how fast the social media landscape changes and how it's allowed us to build relationships with so many people.

    PLANOLY is all about empowering users to tell their story visually. How do you strike a balance between visual content and copywriting to create a holistic picture of your brand's lifestyle on social media?

    A cohesive brand voice means creating a balance between visual content and copywriting. To create a holistic picture of Chameleon on social media, we produce content that has a similar energy to our copy. Chameleon's tagline is Made for Makers. We want our content to feel inspiring, approachable and have a "go get 'em" attitude. We achieve this through using inviting colors and capturing movement whenever possible. This may be as simple as a gorgeous pour shot or milk swirling in coffee. We also leverage stop-motion video, GIFs, and Boomerangs where we can. It helps to elevate our content visually and matches the excitement of our copy.

    What does having a "plan" means to you and your work; and how do you plan to have your social content translate into offline action/initiatives?

    I am the queen of planning ahead, but I've learned that flexibility is equally as important. When it comes to social media, you have to be willing to act quickly, jump on a timely opportunity and embrace change. At Chameleon Cold-Brew, our fans on social media are the first to know about upcoming events, new product launches and special offers (we love to surprise our followers with giveaways!). We hope to empower our community and want our fans to know that we are listening and ready to engage. One of my favorite initiatives this year is our "Maker Monday" feature. Each Monday, we showcase our favorite maker moments, where we repost fan photos on Instagram Stories. It's fun to see how our fans interact with the brand and make Chameleon their own. We are constantly inspired by our community!

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    How has PLANOLY helped to enhance your overall strategy and what is your favorite feature/tool that has changed the way you craft your content?

    PLANOLY has been key in helping Chameleon achieve a consistent brand look and feel on social media. As the brand grows, we are constantly evolving our strategy and visual image. Our marketing team is very visual, so we use PLANOLY's grid to ensure we are projecting a visual image that matches the Chameleon vibe. We were ecstatic when PLANOLY launched the ability to plan Instagram Stories. Once the daily grind starts, we sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle at the office. We've been able to leverage PLANOLY's Instagram Stories tool to create a more consistent posting schedule. Instagram stories is a fun way to engage with our followers and infuse some of Chameleon's fun personality into our social media strategy. Earlier this year, we asked fans to vote through Instagram stories and tell us their favorite cold brew flavor. Using PLANOLY, we planned an Instagram story where we showcased each ready-to-drink flavor with a fun recipe. Fans responded with their vote, and we announced the winner the next morning with a little surprise: we randomly selected a few fans who responded and sent them their favorite Chameleon Cold-Brew!


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