PLANOLY Year in Review: Best of 2019

    December 29 2019

    The holidays are our favorite time of year – which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's seen our festive templates! This time of the year, we especially make it a point to put our screens down, genuinely enjoy time with family, and self-reflect on not only our personal growth but our growth as a community.Growth. It's the word that best describes PLANOLY's 2019. Over the last 12 months, we rolled out a ton of new features, partnered with the coolest brands, and grew our team of experts. Because we're quite literally bursting at the seams, we're moving to a 12,000 sqft office soon – and it's all thanks to users like you!Since the beginning, PLANOLY's goal was to allow brands and businesses to share their stories on social media without sacrificing their quality of life. We have turned this into our mission statement to ensure we do not stray away from our original intent:


    Our 2020 goals will be to keep the pace of doubling in team size and continue to simplify social media marketing for our users. You, our users, are at the center of everything we do. Helping you reach your content goals and maximizing your strategic planning initiatives are primarily why we do this. Ultimately, your success is the largest indicator of ours.Above all, our primary focus is to maintain a work-life balance company culture. Our order of importance for our team is family, health, then career. Going forward, you'll see a lot more about wellness from us. After all, we're here to help you plan and schedule – so you can spend less time on social media and more time social in life.Helping you plan for the next decade is our primary focus. But before we jump headfirst into our thoughts on where things are headed in 2020, let's take a look back at 2019.

    Best of PLANOLY 2019

    Our Biggest Features

    So, this won't be an all-out flex, but we do want to highlight a few new features and wins!

    Pin Planner- Back in September, we officially partnered with Pinterest to launch our Pin Planner. PLANOLY's Pin Planner is an all-encompassing Pinterest tool that offers curating, scheduling, analytics to help you optimize and grow using Pinterest.

    StoriesEdit - Following our StoriesEdit app launch this past March, it's quickly become one of our most popular story-designing tools. StoriesEdit is filled with stylish and unique templates that help distinguish and maximize your Stories. Over the course of the year, we've partnered with multiple brands and creators to design templates of their own. And with IG Stories poised to play a more significant role in social output in 2020, expect much more from this feature.

    Custom Plans - At the close of summer, we rolled out Custom Plans for the first time. Users, brands, and agencies can choose several additional users or social profiles to add to their PLANOLY account.

    Pin Planner Web Extension-PLANOLY Uploader launched in November to simplify uploading and scheduling Pins on desktop.

    Filters - In October, we released a new set of filters for users to create a consistent aesthetic for their content. This update allowed users to batch edit images to apply filters for greater consistency in their content.

    Auto-Post Videos - Ensuring that you could auto-post videos was a big deal for us earlier this year. This continuous effort to help you plan and optimize your time was wrapped into this goal. More to come on this next year!

    Inside PLANOLY

    What was our year like, you ask? For starters, it was busy. We were writing loads of content, designing new features, partnering with inspiring brands, flying to new cities, and participating in events across the country – all while prioritizing employees' mental health. The order of importance for our team is family, health, then career. We practice what we preach when it comes to self-care and mental wellness.

    We're Movin' On Up

    2019 wasn't just a year of growth as it relates to products and partnerships; we also grew as a team! We've added a dozen new full-time employees this year, with many housed at our Austin headquarters. Although it's a bit sad to leave the cozy confines of our 2,000 sqft space in northwest Austin, we'll be moving to an all-new 12,000 sqft office early 2020. It's decked out with a full cafeteria, gym, a mother's room, and all the amenities our diverse team could desire.

    Issa Wrap on 2019

    Another great year is in the books. Thanks for making 2019 a big one for us at PLANOLY!We genuinely appreciate you being a part of our community of readers, subscribers, and planners. Thank you for being apart of our journey to empower you to share your stories with the world. From our family to yours, have a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

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