PLANOLY 2021 Year in Review

    December 24 2021

    Can we all first acknowledge 2021 has been a weird year? We saw the return of the Met Gala in all its meme-able glory, went back to work for a hot minute, Instagram announced it’s no longer a photo-sharing app (audible gasp!) and most of us were lucky enough to be see loved ones in-person again. It’s been a rollercoaster! 

    The one constant for us has been how over overwhelmed with gratitude we are for our community of PLANOLY users. Thank you for being part of the PLANOLY family and for continuing to inspire us to design new products that simplify social marketing and help ease the content creation hurdle. 

    From virtual events to new product features and integrations, our most celebrated accomplishments this year couldn’t have happened without a key ingredient - YOU. We want to take a moment to share all we learned from you this year.   

    PLANOLY 2021 Year in Review - Infographic


    PLANOLY Highlights 

    Here’s a little more about a few of the highlights we mentioned above.

    Is This Reel Life? New IG Reels Planner Has Arrived

    Video is more in demand than ever before so we introduced PLANOLY’s Reels Planner. With it, you can upload video content to IG Planner, select your cover photo (instead of a still from the video!), plan and organize it on your grid, and schedule a reminder push notification or email to easily publish your Reel to Instagram.

    PLANOLY Presents: A Digital Event Series 

    Last year we hosted our first, free digital event series to empower the PLANOLY community during a time of profound change. This year PLANOLY Presents grew to three series (that’s 16 workshops!) bringing in over 10K attendees. We learned about marketing from how to get started with branding your company to jumping the content hurdle and finally building an audience (and sales) on Pinterest! Make sure to be on the lookout this January for a new series that will help you set your New Year’s resolutions to be the best video content creator you can be!

    Simplified Your Content Creation Workflow with Canva

    We received hundreds of requests from our users for access to various design tools to make creating and uploading content with PLANOLY even easier. You asked and we listened, by introducing a seamless connection with Canva that allows you to upload your designs directly to PLANOLY. All around the world, Canva users Rejoiced!

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    Edit & Share Across Multiple Channel

    One of the biggest opportunities we see is for all users to customize content for each of their social channels. Edit & Share allows you to be more strategic when sharing to different platforms as you can customize the imagery and captions for each specific channel. Think of this feature as your perfect 3-in-1 solution: You can 1) plan, 2) customize, and 3) share content to multiple social channels  – all in PLANOLY. 

    We genuinely appreciate you being a part of our community of readers, subscribers, and planners. From our family to yours, have a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

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    Catherine Mitchell

    Catherine Mitchell is the Director of Brand & Communications at PLANOLY. She is always looking for ways to inspire and excite small business owners and creators with new narratives to cultivate community and drive growth.

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