PLANOLY x FOOD: How to Curate a Beautiful Instagram Feed with Food

    February 24 2016

    During our Create Cultivate Dallas Mentor sessions, we had the pleasure of meeting wonderful Food Bloggers! One of the questions that was asked was, "how do we make our feed look pretty if we only post food images?" Here are a few pointers on how to plan, curate, and schedule food content on Instagram while making your profile feed look visually appetizing.


    Play with angles and composition so each photo is different. Lay them out on @planoly to see how they sit next to each other and on top of each other to curate a nice flow. We personally like to plan in sets of 9, and call each set a "story." You can also look at each sets of 3, 6, or 9 as stories or mini campaigns.


    Set a stage for your yummy content. Your food creations are a work of art! Get creative and have fun!
    food stylist blogger how to plate and photograph content for instagram tips from planoly


    Show behind the scenes & your "process" type of content. Your followers will love getting sneak peeks on your creative process, work station or kitchen and will appreciate you for it.

    Word play

    Sometimes, there can be too much "visual clutter" and it's nice to take a little break! Use graphic word art and word play to break up your content. We love posting up quotes to give your eye a visual break. Other examples for word play -- a short list of your ingredients, the title of your current blog post you're promoting, or post up your favorite quotes about food. It's even better when the quotes or graphic word art flows with the "story" you're currently telling. We used Planoly'sIMAGE SPLITTER feature on Planoly APP to split this artwork we made with wording and quotes.
    food blogger content image split with planoly app for instagram


    Your ingredients are the star. Use them to create a beautiful image by laying them flat in different positions. There's so many ways to get creative and have fun with it. For more visuals and to see how we used our SPLITTER feature to plan out our food content, follow us on Instagram.
    food blogger instagram curator how to photography photo styling

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