This Week in the Social Sphere: No. 12

    January 31 2020

    Is January always this long? It's definitely not, right?There's no one reason why the first month of the New Year always feels more like two or three months, but somehow January is both moving at a frantic pace yet lingering at a snail's speed.That said, January has been packed to the gills with social media trends that aim to define this critical year. Snapchat has partnered with NBC to produce programming for the 2020 Tokyo Games, and TikTok has inked a deal that will ensure its audible soundtrack for the foreseeable future.LinkedIn is making strides to improve inner-company communication on its platform, and Pinterest is revolutionizing the beauty industry with intuitive AR technology.

    Let's jump into this week's Social Sphere:

    Instagram Drops IGTV Button

    In what looks like a visible sign of defeat, Instagram has removed the IGTV button from its homepage. The company has removed the button after users spoke openly of their annoyance with its function of their page. For scale, it's been reported than only 7 million of Instagram's 1 billion users have downloaded the standalone app.

    Snapchat Partners with NBC for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

    In the third such deal of its kind, Snapchat is again partnering with NBC to produce special programming for the Summer Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics partnership will feature four daily Snapchat programs produced by NBC. Each will be exclusive to the platform in vertical-video orientation. Two of the four programs will be in "near real-time."

    Twitter DMs Now Have Emoji Reactions

    Emojis have finally found their way to Twitter DMs. Earlier this month, the company somewhat quietly rolled out the new feature, which allows users to react to Direct Messages with seven emoji reactions.

    Pinterest's New AR Feature Allows You to Try on Makeup Before You Buy It

    This week, Pinterest announces new augmented reality (AR) features that allow users to try on beauty products before they purchase them. You can now search for beauty products and utilize the AR feature to effectively try on makeup, lipstick, and more before you purchase. Smartly, and in line with Pinterest's inclusive initiatives, this new feature aims to ensure that new products match the user's skin tone. They can then save and or purchase products through the retailer's website.

    Facebook Now Shows You How It And Other Websites Stalk You

    Yesterday, Facebook released a long-awaited feature that lets you see exactly which websites are stalking you -- even when you're not on Facebook. The new "Off-Facebook Activity" tracker spits out a list of the apps and sites that share your activity with Camp Zuckerberg. The platform can see when you visit a website or open an app, or add an item to your shopping cart, to name a few examples. Go here and click on "Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity" to peer into your personal abyss.

    LinkedIn Pages Partners with Elevate for "Better Together" Initiative

    LinkedIn announces a new partnership with employee advocacy outfit, Elevate, designed to allow LinkedIn page managers a seamlessly communicate with employers. The program is also designed to amplify employee awareness and bolster social currency. For more information, click the link above.

    Spotify is Testing New Program That Allows Influencers to Add Playlists to Stories

    Spotify is getting into the influencer game with a budding test program that will allow certain partners to add video elements to their Spotify playlists in their Stories. The program is currently in test with fashion influencer and YouTube star Summer Mckeen. The new Stories feature allows influencers to share video clips that highlight snippets of songs featured in the playlist.

    TikTok Signs Licensing Deal with Merlin to Use Music from Hundreds of Independent Labels

    TikTok has inked a new deal with Merlin - a global label that houses hundreds of thousands of independent music labels and artists - so music from the label can be used legally on the app anywhere it's available. Given the critical importance of TikTok's musical soundtrack, this partnership represents a huge breakthrough for the Chinese-based company. More importantly, this new deal will include an upcoming music subscription service, Resso.That's it for this week's edition of PLANOLY's Social Sphere. Until then, check out more installments to the Social Sphere here.

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