This Week in the Social Sphere: No. 7

    November 29 2019

    How did your Black Friday shopping go? Did it help you shake off the turkey coma? We hope so because we're going to need your full attention for this week's edition of the Social Sphere. Pinterest makes a big leap with its new small business shop, and Twitter now allows users to hide tweet replies. Facebook wants to pay for your viewpoints, and Instagram breaks down how posts make it to its coveted explorer page. Let's jump in:

    Twitter Rolls Out Option to Hide Tweet Replies

    Following months of testing, Twitter is finally rolling out a feature to hide tweet replies to all users. This comes from the request of users throughout many years. They've also announced recently that they will begin deactivating inactive accounts to both clear up dormant accounts and free desired user profile names.

    Pinterest Launches Small Business Shop

    Pinterest just launched "The Small Business Shop," aimed at creating a marketplace for their small business owners ahead of the holiday season. Users can now discover and shop from 17 unique small businesses, "hand-curated" by Pinterest. Click the link above to learn more.

    Instagram Explains How Post Make it to the Explore Page

    Many individual Instagram users have thrived after finding placement on its touted Explore page. This week, Instagram offered a little insight into how that process works. Before any account can be viewed by the masses on the Explore page, it must first pass two critical screenings processes. The first is a candidate generation stage (known as the sourcing stage), and the second is the ranking stage. It's unclear if you can properly optimize a post to meet these criteria, but you can learn more in the link above.

    Facebook's New App Pays You for Your Viewpoints

    Facebook has launched a new market research app in the App Store, and Google Play called Viewpoints. The app's premise is to use your views to help them change the world of technology. You can make some coin by simply sharing your views with Facebook. Once you've set up an account, you'll be asked to join groups where you can take surveys that earn you points that essentially translate into cash.

    Snapchat Shares Gen-Z Shopping Stats Ahead of the Holidays

    If you're a business owner and the shopping habits of generation-z are of great value to you, Snapchat recently published a detailed infographic that may serve you. Aside from heading back to stores instead of predominately shopping online, Gen-Z doesn't stress nearly as much about holiday shopping as their elders. Moreover, they're more likely to buy (and spend generously) on gifts for friends as opposed to older counterparts. But the most impressive figure goes back to Gen-Z doing a majority of their shopping in-store. Could Gen-Z help save big-box retailers?

    LinkedIn Reveals 2019 Stats and 2020 Predictions

    If you're already thinking about your social media strategy for 2020, LinkedIn has provided some insights as part of its 2019 statistic wrap-up. Details from the year-end wrap highlights that nearly 60 million monthly active users access LinkedIn on a desktop as opposed to 20 million who tap in from mobile. This year, 54% of all LinkedIn users were male, while 46% were women. Posts with links received 200% more engagement while posts that ended in a question received 50% more engagement. More than 3 million users share content on LinkedIn weekly.

    That's it for this week in the Social Sphere. Enjoy the weekend and check back with us next Friday for more of the most important social media news around the web.

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