This Week in the Social Sphere: No. 1

    October 03 2019

    With all of the constant changes and evolution in the digital world, it can feel nearly impossible to stay on top of the latest happenings. That's why we've decided to bring you a bi-weekly digest of everything you need to know in the world of social media. Our newest series, Today in the Social Sphere, will highlight social media updates, digital trends, rumors in the tech world, and much more! Our first post in the series is covering everything from Instagram's new Creator account to Facebook hiding likes. Read on to discover more!

    Instagram's New Creators Account

    Instagram has recently launched its @creators account, which provides tips and advice for influencers and creatives. The Instagram bio for the @creators account playfully says: "Helping you create on Instagram, and no we can't get you verified." Instagram handpicked a few creators to walk users through their content creating process, as well as giving advice about the equipment they use, sound effects they like, and content strategy. They also have a highlight for FAQ's, so it's a great place to learn about new features, algorithm tips, getting verified on IG, and more.

    New Product Launch Feature on IG

    Instagram has been making big changes when it comes to shopping on the platform, and we're not expecting them to slow down anytime soon. Their newest shopping feature comes in the way of Reminders for Product Launches. The goal of this feature is to "make it easier for people to discover and follow upcoming product launches from brands and creators they love." Instagram selected a handful of brands to be part of their closed checkout beta that will be using the Product Launch Reminder feature in the U.S. over the coming weeks.

    Facebook's New Virtual World, Horizon

    Horizon is a VR massive-multiplayer world (similar to Ready Player One) created by Facebook. You can build your own environments, create games, play & socialize with friends, or explore the user-generated landscapes. This is Facebook's take on Second Life. It's not released yet, but you can apply for the beta here if you're interested in early access.

    Dark Mode on Pinterest

    Pinterest has officially launched Dark Mode on both the iOS and Android versions of its app. Several Pinners end their days by looking at inspirational plans and calming pins before bedtime, so the white background can often be too bright in that setting. Dark Mode is easier on the eyes, better for nighttime browsing, and better for battery life. Several other platforms have jumped on the Dark Mode train as well includingSlack,Twitter,Facebook,YouTube,iOS 13,Android, and MANY more.

    Add Podcasts to Playlists on Spotify

    There's been a recent explosion of podcast creators and listeners. According to Music Oomph, 32% of people in the U.S. listen to podcasts every month, and there are over 700,000 active podcasts with more than 29 million episodes. Needless to say, podcasts are not going anywhere. Spotify's new feature allows users to add their podcasts to playlists, or even combine music and audio - similar to the newly launched "Your Daily Drive." Create a Podcast Playlist to share your favorite shows with friends! Click here to learn how to add a podcast to a playlist on mobile.

    Emoji Reactions and Chat Features on Pinterest

    Users can now 'react' to a post on a group board with a heart, clap, lightbulb, question mark, or thumbs down icon. The goal is to help users collaborate with team members on group projects. According to Pinterest, 77% of the group Boards on the platform are between 2 people and 98% of the group Boards have less than five people. Currently, you can add comments in group boards. Users will soon be able to categorize Pins within group boards by reactions and comments (along with the time that each was Pinned).That's all for our first Social Sphere blog post! We hope you found this news to be helpful for your ongoing social media strategy. Staying aware of what's happening in the digital world will help you with content curation, audience engagement, new features to utilize, and more! Stay tuned for our next social-sphere blog post coming soon.


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