This Week in the Social Sphere: No. 9

    December 13 2019

    Before you tear off that final page from your 2019 calendar in anticipation of the New Year, it's always good to take a moment to reminisce. Cheers to all the social media moments you won't forget, the memes that brought you to tears, and the people whom you shared those experiences.This week in the Social Sphere is mostly about those moments. As the final days of 2019 quickly tick away, some of your favorite social platforms have identified the most significant moments and trends from 2019. AR filters are beginning to take shape on Instagram, and Snapchat is testing a new feature that allows you to insert your images into GIFs. Without further delay, let's dive into the latest edition of PLANOLY's Social Sphere:

    Pinterest Reveals 100 Trends That Will Define 2020

    To promote effective social media marketing next year, Pinterest has revealed its list of the 100 trends that will define 2020. Those trends include ways to travel more responsibly, building a more sustainable lifestyle, and a complete re-introduction of all things 90s. High volume searches generate trends, leaning on the past six months of search history from the 320 million people using Pinterest monthly. Research all the trends in the link above.

    Snapchat Testing New Tool That Will Allow You to Put Your Image in GIFs

    Snapchat has begun testing a new tool they're calling "Cameo" mode, which will allow users to place images of themselves into GIFs and short videos. "Cameo" is currently being tested by a group of users in France but is expected to hit the market later this month. Users will be able to create "Cameo's" through the messaging keyboard within the app. This will likely be of similar popularity to Snap's gender swap lens or their time machine lens.

    Twitter Shares Top Tweet Trends from 2019

    Known for breaking news and efficiently managing cultural phenomena through its "trending topics" function, Twitter this week unloads all of its most popular content in 2019. From the most popular television shows and movies to the most discussed sports stars, Twitter even broke down the most used emoji of the year. Any guesses on what it is? Peep this Twitter Data thread for a full breakdown.

    AR Filters for Apparel Invades Instagram

    Augmented Reality (AR) was huge in 2019. The futuristic tech will be even more significant in the New Year. Scandinavian retailer Carlings sold out a digital apparel collection last year and is implementing AR filters through Instagram for a new t-shirt release. The "Last Statement" tee, which features an AR filter when users point their IG camera over the shirt, is just one way to use AR effectively. Other impactful AR marketing efforts have been seen within the beauty and eyewear industries, respectively.

    TikTok Reveals its Top 100 of 2019

    Undeniably the most used new social media app of the year, TikTok, recaps its towering 2019 with its top 100 TikTok's. The list breaks down the top 10 viral videos, top 10 memes, and the top 10 artists. They also highlight the top 10 celebrities on TikTok, a number that will undoubtedly grow throughout 2020. Click the link above to see more.

    Facebook Launches Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Metrics

    Facebook makes managing multiple ad accounts on its platform much more comfortable with the introduction of new cross-account reporting and custom metrics tools. The latest update to their Ad Manager dashboard has created a central point of access for users, as opposed to extracting data from different accounts. "With cross-account reporting, you'll be able to see metrics - such as reach, impressions, and conversions - across multiple ad accounts," the company said in a statement. Facebook hopes this update will limit the need for business owners to build custom reports and, in turn, spend more time focusing on the success of their business. That's it for this week's edition of the Social Sphere. To check out past versions of our weekly Social Sphere series, check here.

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