This Week in the Social Sphere: No. 11

    January 17 2020

    The New Year is already off to a frantic pace as social media companies are all vying for first quarter superiority.This week in the Social Sphere, Pinterest surpasses Snapchat as the third largest social media app in the US, and Twitter is finally allowing users to limit the number of replies to a tweet. Instagram is rolling out new Boomerang options, and YouTube is changing the way they approach children's content following a recent bout with the FTC.Let's jump into this week's edition of PLANOLY's Social Sphere:

    Pinterest Surpasses Snapchat as the Third Largest Social Media App in the US

    Following a towering year of growth in 2019, Pinterest has surpassed Snapchat as the third largest social media platform in the US. Pinterest now tallies 82.4 million users, while Snapchat registers just 80.2 million. According to emarketer, Pinterest grew 9.1 percent in 2019. A much larger growth number than their anticipated 4.3 percent growth estimation. Pinterest is expected to expand to 86 million users by the close of 2020.

    Instagram Adds New Boomerang Modes

    Instagram this week has added new options to its Boomerang camera mode for Stories. Budding options include: "SloMo," "Echo," and "Duo" options. Further, you can trim and tweak your Boomerang loop where in the past, that was not a user option.

    TikTok Developing New Feeds for Curated Content

    In a move similar to Snapchat's Discover, TikTok is reportedly working on a feed for curated content. Unfolding like a "highlight stream" that features thoughtful content from popular TikTok users and other prominent publishers. The goal here is for TikTok to give more power to the moderators by allowing them more control of their viewing experience.

    Instagram Brings Your DMs to the Web

    Instagram is rolling out Direct Messaging for your web browser. Starting with a small number of its global users before the new feature will be available to all IG users, the web update will allow you to send and receive DMs on your desktop while also managing your chat groups. Read the full PLANOLY story in the link above. 

    Pay Inequality Hits Influencer Market

    As the influencer market nears a billion-dollar valuation, reports of gender pay inequality are beginning to surface. In a new survey conducted by the HypeAuditor, of 1,600 influencers pooled across 40 countries, men are paid roughly 7 percent more on an average post than women. In addition, top tier male influencers (100K-1M followers) receive upwards to $2,643 on average, while female influencers of the same tier earn $2,420. Hit the link above for more.

    Twitter Test New Ways to Limit Number of Replies to Tweets

    Twitter is working on new ways to help remove excess toxicity from its platform by limiting replies to tweets. Hoping to offer users better control of their Twitter conversations, the company is testing a way to "tailor" replies. A few of the changes include: only users you follow can reply, only users who you've tagged can reply, or you can simply set-up a tweet that will get no replies.

    YouTube Implements Changes to Children's Content

    Following a tussle with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), YouTube is now rolling out changes as it relates to children's content. Starting this week, targeting ads will be removed from kid's videos, and comments on children's content will be disabled. Moreover, additional community features will be removed from kid's content in a more significant effort to promote YouTube Kids. Find out more in the link above.That's it for this week in the Social Sphere. Check back later this month for more updates and visit here for past editions.

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