PLANOLY’s Social Calendar ‘Notes’ is Your New Project Management Tool

    April 28 2020

    PLANOLY’s Social Calendar ‘Notes’ is Your New Project Management Tool

    April 28 2020  | 


    At PLANOLY, we want to help you take your content strategy to new heights by providing an all-encompassing social media project management tool. Our latest PLANOLY feature makes it easier than ever for you to look ahead at upcoming holidays, add notes to your calendar, color-code forthcoming events, and create custom content themes to schedule your content. 

    With the new PLANOLY Social Calendar ‘Notes’ feature, you can create custom notes on the PLANOLY mobile and desktop calendar to keep track of upcoming content throughout the week. You can utilize the ‘Notes’ feature to create color-coded content series or events for your audience or add notes for other team members. With the PLANOLY Social Calendar, you can stay up-to-date with monthly social media holidays, upcoming events for your brand or business, and streamline all your social media notes! 

    Let’s take a look at how you can add notes on the calendar both on PLANOLY desktop web and mobile!

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Separate ‘Notes’ can be added for Instagram Stories, Grid, and Pinterest content. They are making it easy for you to keep track of what’s going live! 

    How to Use ‘Notes’ On PLANOLY for Desktop

    Accessing notes on PLANOLY desktop is easier than pie, you can follow the simple steps below to start adding your notes:

    • Go to your PLANOLY WEB dashboard
    • Under the Plan View, click on Add Note on the top right corner
    • You’ll see a new Calendar Note window pop up
    • Here you can create a note! 
    • Add  your Title (50 characters), Description (1,000 characters), and select the Date + Color-Code
    • Click SAVE to save that Note
    • You can also Delete or Edit a note by clicking onto that Note and making edits if needed! 


    For Example: As an influencer, I love creating content themes for my audience to enjoy throughout the week. ‘Notes’ makes it easy for me to use a color for specific themes, and drop in anything that I want to be mindful of or remember when promoting that specific content. In the example above, I created a Friday Favorites Series Note for a post that I want to go live every Friday on Instagram. I added in my title: Friday Favorites Series, a note description, and chose the first Friday in May to start the series along with a color code of yellow so that I can easily spot it on the social calendar. This makes it easy for me to keep track of upcoming content, and make sure I don’t forget what I need to post! 


    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Use the color swatch on ‘Notes’ to color-code your content and make it even easier to find a specific note! 

    How to Use ‘Notes’ On PLANOLY for Mobile Devices

    Did you know that you can also access ‘Notes’ on Mobile?! Here’s how:

    • Go to the PLANOLY Mobile App on your phone
    • Tap the Calendar to Access ‘Notes’
    • Tap on the ‘Notes’ icon on the top right-hand corner
    • Create a new Note! 
    • Enter the TitleDescriptionSelect the Date, and choose a color theme
    • Click SAVE to save that Note
    • Your new Note will appear on Calendar for the Date you created it for! 


    For Example: The image above shows a note that a Brand could create for a new Wellness Series that they would love to go live every Wednesday! There is a Title, Description, and Date chosen for it to go live along with a color-code of blue to keep track of this Note on the calendar. 

    There are so many ways that you can utilize our new ‘Notes’ features to maximize the way that your content is strategizing on social throughout the year. Below, we’re going to touch on a few ways that brands, influencers, and agencies can make the most of this new feature. 

    How You Can Be Using 'Notes'

    How Brands + Influencers Can Use Calendar ‘Notes’

    • Use ‘Notes’ to create content themes and series for your followers to enjoy 
    • Create ‘Notes’ on the calendar to know what content is scheduled for the week
    • Keep track of upcoming events and leave additional notes to share with your audience

    How Agencies Can Use Calendar ‘Notes’

    • Add ‘Notes’ on the Calendar to know what you have scheduled throughout the week 
    • Keep track of what’s going live each week: Quotes, Topics, Dedicated Series, and more! 
    • Utilize ‘Notes’ so that you can have everything all in one place to refer to during content planning quickly 


    Have fun strategizing and letting the ‘Notes’ feature save you time while you plan your content!


    If you’re new to PLANOLY, here’s a more in-depth look into the PLANOLY Social Calendar to simplify your planning!

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