PLANOLY Presents: Pinspirational Holidays

    October 29 2021

    There’s no better way to kick off planning your holiday marketing strategy than with attending a PLANOLY Presents. We just closed out our latest PLANOLY Presents: Pinspirational Holidays where Pinterest experts shared the vital role Pinterest plays during the holidays and how you can leverage it to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

    If you couldn’t join us this time, check out our PLANOLY Presents recap featuring complete video recordings of the workshops and takeaways. Finish our series with tactical ways to garner brand discovery to reach new audiences, best practices for creating Pinterest-friendly content, and tips & tricks to simplify your Pinterest planning.

    Workshop 1: For the Pin: The Power of Pinterest


    In this workshop, Lucy Matthews of Pinterest shares how to use Pinterest to grow your brand. Her takeaways include: 

    • Use Idea Pins: Idea Pins are the newest feature of Pinterest that uses video and image content to inspire. They are discoverable, and at the top of the home feed, they help you grow your audience. 
    • Measure Success: Pay attention to the following key metrics to gauge how well your Pins are doing. A few metrics include the number of impressions, Pin clicks, saves, profile visits, and follows. 
    • Switch to a Pinterest Business Account: Make sure to create a business account or convert the current one so you can unlock important features like performance metrics and have access to new tools that help you elevate your content on Pinterest.

    Lucy leaves us with some advice when going into your Pinterest marketing journey, 

    “Publishing Idea Pins regularly will help you build your native audience on Pinterest” and  “The more your audience engages with your content, the more it will be seen by others looking for ideas like yours.”

    Workshop 2: Festive Feed: Leveraging Pinterest for Brand Discovery 


    In this workshop, Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media shares how brands can use the holidays to get in front of Pinners when they start saving and searching for products and holiday sales. The keys to brand discovery include: 

    • Plan Early: Pin at least 45 days before the holiday takes place.  
    • Inspire Don’t Interrupt: To stand out, you’ll want to use inspiring imagery with clear messaging. Kate recommends scrolling through Pinterest to see what stands out to you as a user and not as a marketer. This will help you create Pins. 
    • Use Keywords: Adding keywords to your Pin title, description, copy, and boards will meet Pinners search intent. When Pinners search using a specific keyword used in your Pin description, title, etc, it’ll increase the chances of Pin discovery. 

    Kate shares, “Pinners search for exactly what they want and then save it once they find it.”

    Workshop 3: #Moodboard: Creating Visual Clickable Content 


    In this workshop, Mercer Malakaff of The Sill shares how to create Pin-worthy content that last beyond the holidays. Here are our favorite takeaways: 

    • Words Matter: Including text on your images is a great way to capture attention and convey information. Similarly, it’s important that you’re gathering searchable keywords and using hashtags in your Pinterest captions. Use holiday-specific terms and non-holiday terms so your content can be evergreen.
    • Use Video: On the Pinterest feed, Idea Pins and Video Pins add movement and help capture the eye while scrolling. Plus, engagement on Idea + Video Pins tends to be higher!
    • Keep it Fresh: The Pinterest algorithm loves fresh Pins, so continue to add new content to your Pinterest boards regularly, even if it’s just UGC!

    Mercer notes that for clickable photo content, abundance is key – “Switching up the environment in your photos shows your followers a range of inspiration, and will give you the most views.”

    Workshop 4: Gift of Growth: Planning Holiday Campaigns to Capture Sales 


    In this workshop, Vix Reitano of Agency 6B shares how to maximize and monetize your Pinterest content. Here are a few of our favoritie takeaways: 

    • Engagement Tips: Post consistently and often to take advantage of the Pinterest algorithm and to gain insight on what content your audience is responding to. Downloadables are also a great way to drive engagement!
    • More Bang for Your Buck: Content longevity is longer on Pinterest, which is great for businesses. Pins typically drive traffic back to a brand’s website for nearly 3 months on average!
    • Think Beyond Holiday: Use your holiday campaign to grow your email list. This will give you a customer pool to re-target in the new year. 

    “Pinterest gives small brands a chance to stand out, especially during the holidays.”

    Workshop 5: Pin Planner: Stress Less, Plan Better This Holiday Season 


    In this workshop, Blogger + Content Creator, Katrina Blair Sullivan, shares how she streamlines her content planning for a stress-free holiday with PLANOLY’s Pin Planner. Here are a few of our favorite takeaways: 

    • Pinterest is a traffic driver: Pinterest is a Visual Search engine. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest Pins create organic traffic to your website and blog.
    • Evergreen content #FTW: The more your pin is re-pinned the more discoverable it is to Pinterest users.
    • How to Create a Workflow & Plan Pinterest Content: Planning your content helps you identify your goals and create cohesive content across your website and social media.

    “Pinterest is the number one source that helps drive traffic to my website, and not just new blog posts, even my older content,” says Katrina.

    Workshop 6: Sparking Creativity: Holiday Content Planning With Adobe Spark 


    In this workshop, Mallory Shoemaker and Varna Bhargava share how to stand out on Pinterest with your content strategy along with design hacks. The keys to sparking creativity include: 

    • Differentiate Your Content: In other words, don’t mass post between platforms. Each platform serves a different purpose, so no content should be the same and use should use different imagery and copy. 
    • Make it move:  Embrace the microform video! There’s no need to make a short movie - by just adding 15 seconds or less of movement to text, you can stop the scroll in its tracks. (Hack: Utilize animation features in Spark to easily add movement to your designs)  
    • Use Visual Trends to Your Advantage: Use the Pinterest Trends tool to inspire your content calendar based on the most searched for topics, right now. Then, relate that trend to your business or space. 

    Mallory goes on to say, “Focus your attention where your audience is. If more of your audience is on Instagram or on Pinterest it’s okay to put most of your efforts there first.”

    Check out our Adobe Spark x PLANOLY Social Marketing Guides here. 


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