Video Planning on the Go with PLANOLY's Mobile App

    October 06 2022

    So much of today’s video content creation and scheduling happens on your phone.  Your phone is where you find video inspiration and trends to follow, write your video scripts, film, edit, and schedule your TikTok or Instagram Reels to post. That’s why we created  PLANOLY’s Video Planner. We want to empower you to create your video strategy and plan and schedule content straight from your phone (or on our Web Dashboard!)  With our Video Planner, you can ditch several video tool apps and streamline your video planning process with PLANOLY. Here we’ll share our new features and tools to simplify your video planning workflow. 

    Manage Video Trends & Ideas

    Getting comfortable in front of the camera is one thing. Finding video content inspiration is another. For most people finding and researching video content ideas and trends can be the most intimidating part. Spending hours scrolling TikTok for one video idea can result in many hours and ideas lost.   

    However, you’re in luck.  Optimizing your planning time has never been easier.  Every Monday, PLANOLY will share Trending Content Ideas for both TikTok and Instagram Reels. Our Trending Content Ideas feature provides trending audio, ways to use the sound in your brand or business’s video, and a few evergreen ideas to add to your video content calendar. This not only cuts back on your scrolling but also helps plan your upcoming content. This lifesaver is located on the ‘Calendar tab’ right in the PLANOLY Mobile App and Web Dashboard! Note: Our Trending Video Content ideas feature is not to stop you from scrolling TikTok and doing your own research. So much of the video planning process comes from using the platform itself and  is how to get inspired to make our own quality content. Luckily, PLANOLY created a tool for saving and managing ideas directly from TikTok! Our Ideas Manager allows you to keep track of any video you come across that you love.  By tapping the ‘Share’ button on the TikTok video, you can send that video to PLANOLY and save it as inspiration to your Ideas Manager. This ensures you’ll never lose a video idea again and makes it easier to get from idea to post.

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    How to Upload Your Content

    When it’s time to upload and post your video content, PLANOLY’s Video Planner makes it easy. Just hit the big ‘+ tab’ and select the video(s) you want to upload. After they’re uploaded, you can see them right in the app on your ‘Drafts Tab.’ From there, you can add notes, include the url to sound you want to be linked, and set a reminder notification for when it’s time to post. As soon as you set a reminder time, your video moves over to the ‘Scheduled tab’ where you will find it at the scheduled time—or if you're trying to publish trending content quickly, you can follow through and post immediately! 

    Post from (Pretty Much) Anywhere

    When posting from the Scheduled tab, you're placed on the ‘Ready to Post’ screen, which holds a lot of power. Our supported video platforms include TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest Idea Pins. All of these platforms have a section on the Ready to Post. You can easily post the same video to any one of these platforms from the Ready to Post screen, along with any customization options! Just hit the ‘Copy & Open’ button for any platform; it’ll then take you into that social app and copy your caption to the clipboard for easy pasting. 

    Note:  At the moment, only TikTok takes you directly into the posting flow with your video selected; for other social platforms, you still need to select the downloaded video file from your device. We're working on adding more support!

    One thing PLANOLY doesn't provide in our Video Planner is a video editing tool. You should upload your finished, edited video for scheduling in PLANOLY. But don't let that stop you from leveraging the platforms you already use for editing! If you're a big fan of TikTok's effects like text-to-speech, green screens, and filters, you can use this workflow "hack":

    • Edit your video in TikTok as you normally would
    • Post it privately, by selecting Who can watch this video > Only me
    • Save your video once published
    • Upload into PLANOLY for scheduling, alerting when it's time to post, and cross-posting to other platforms!

    As you can see, there’s a lot to love about PLANOLY’s Video Planner on the Mobile App. We want to help you work smarter, not harder, and also cut ties with your desktop computer. PLANOLY’s Mobile App empowers you to share your story across social media while living your best life - and there are always more features on the way.

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