Top 3 PLANOLY Features for Social Media Managers Who Need a Break

    June 07 2021

    Zoom fatigue. Digital burnout. Manually posting Stories on the weekend. Does this sound a bit too familiar?

    With the  'always on' nature of social media, it’s no surprise why most social media managers experience burnout. It starts off small, like quickly responding to a late night DM right before going to bed. Yet, before you know it, these small tasks begin to grow, and start impacting your work-life balance. Instead of staying present with your family or friends, you’re thinking about all the Instagram Stories you have to manually upload, and the laundry list of timely tasks ahead for the week. 

    Let’s face it. As a busy social media manager, you deserve a break. In this blog post, we’re sharing with you our top 3 PLANOLY features that help you save time, so you can hit ‘do not disturb’ this weekend. 

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    PLANOLY Feature #1: Edit & Share in IG Planner

    Jumping from Twitter to Facebook, and then back to Instagram to schedule cross-channel content eats up time. With our edit & share feature, you have the luxury of staying on one platform to plan and schedule your content. This paid feature is a great time saver for all social media managers as it streamlines the process of posting tailored content to your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: When scheduling content, be sure to utilize our best time to post feature! This paid feature draws directly from your Instagram data and recommends a series of optimum times for you to post. 

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    PLANOLY Feature #2: Campaigns in Pin Planner

    Despite the growing popularity of new platforms like TikTok and Clubhouse, Instagram still reigns as the top platform for social media marketing. And as a social media manager, we can guess that Instagram is likely the channel that takes the bulk of your planning time. From responding to comments and DMs to creating new content, planning for Instagram requires a dedicated amount of time and creative energy, leaving little room left to plan for your other social channels. We’ve heard from our users that Pinterest (a hugely underrated platform for small businesses!) is often pushed to the backburner when it comes to prioritizing social channels in their marketing strategies. 

    Say no more! Our campaigns feature in Pin Planner allows you to bulk schedule content for Pinterest. Why is this helpful? We’re glad you asked. This feature essentially sets your Pinterest strategy on cruise control. The best part? You can schedule content 5x faster with the campaigns feature. Not only do you save a bunch of time, but this feature affords you an ever-present voice on the platform. 

    How to Use Campaigns on PLANOLY’s Web Dashboard:



    PLANOLY Feature #3: Auto-Post

    Nothing spoils your downtime more as a social media manager than remembering all the things you have to manually post. To ensure you maintain healthy boundaries with social media, while still staying in touch with your community, auto-post is your golden ticket. This feature takes the brain work out of remembering to post, allowing you to schedule content for your Instagram grid days, weeks, and even months in advance. So that when you take time off, you’re actually able to log off and enjoy some much-needed R&R. 

    Take note from one of our favorite social media managers, Megan Burns of Good Good Good, and utilize our auto-post feature to schedule content in advance, and shave three hours off your workload per week. 

    “Auto-post helps me not worry. I can take a break over the weekend, or set up content for our team while I’m out of the office, and still remain able to communicate with our community. The data around mental health and social media is especially true for social media managers, and content developers alike, so I’ve been working to set better boundaries around the amount of time I spend on the platforms. Planning some of our social content ahead of time and relying on PLANOLY to auto-post for me has been so helpful, and makes a huge difference!” 

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    How to Use Auto-post on the PLANOLY Mobile App:


    How to Use Auto-post on the PLANOLY Web Dashboard:


    Not a paid PLANOLY user yet, but want to add the edit & share feature to your workflow? Learn more about our paid features, and how they can help add time back to your schedule.



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