PLANOLY Analyze: Best Practices for Organic Instagram Growth & Engagement

    January 09 2020

    With PLANOLY analyze, understanding your Instagram audience has never been easier. Have you often found yourself wondering how to engage your audience when you have absolutely no clue what type of behaviors they exhibit? Do you sometimes think to yourself, "How am I supposed to create a successful Instagram strategy when I don't even have the tools to plan my actual life beyond next week?" PLANOLY analyze is the answer to at least one of those longing questions. Sure, there are useful metrics-driven services abound, but analyze is the mothership to all analytics platforms. Today we're going to explain why we know this to be true while also pointing out some best practices for PLANOLY analyze.Overview of analyze in PLANOLY's web dashboard

    Why PLANOLY Analyze?

    Our dedicated developers pushed their glasses up to the tip of their collective noses and got busy creating the best analytics platform on the market. Carefully prodding over every detail and working with our marketing team to drill-down on key issues, PLANOLY analyze was designed to help you create a closer connection with your audience. By having a greater grasp on your content performance, you'll know exactly what works and where you can make impactful changes to reach new audiences.

    A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager (Before PLANOLY Analyze)

    Over the course of any given day, social media managers are juggling more than your local circus clown. From managing a packed editorial calendar to tracking daily trends, there's not much that a social media manager doesn't do. But how does this effectively take place on a daily basis? Perhaps the largest issue facing social media managers isn't an overwhelming number of duties but a grossly understated amount of time in which to perform them. Both not having enough time and spending far too much time managing Instagram is a social media manager's greatest juggling act. The PLANOLY analyze feature helps combat both.Whether you're a social media manager, small business owner, or an influencer, PLANOLY analyze will save you loads of time by providing insightful audience and growth metrics. Let's breakdown some of the best analytics and practices for each creator:

    Social Media Manager Analytics

    Content Performance Totals

    Track previous month vs. current month totals to measure and compare your Instagram's overall performance. Take particular note saved posts and replies to stories. Has there been an uptick in saved posts or replies to stories? These metrics are more telling than traditional likes or impressions – saves and replies come from an engaged audience. PLANOLY analyze's content performance totals feature allows users to see growth metrics and compare them over time. Want to see how many likes you had versus comments over the last year? With this tool, you can do exactly that.

    Export CSV Tool

    Any social media manager can attest to the horrors of generating reports. Copy, paste, pull, plug, so on, and so on. It's the worst, and there's no viable workaround for it – until now. Our Export CSV Tool allows you to export a CSV file for the following analytics: overview, audience, engagement, post media, or story media. Generating reports now takes minutes – not hours.

    Content Performance Overview

    Track your post and story engagement overview to provide a critical snapshot of growth performance and impact for leadership or partners. Tangible tools to gauge growth under your leadership is a critical snapshot of your worth to your company or your list of clients. Our content performance overview allows you to tap into those growth metrics. You can see high growth periods, stabilization trends, and even breakdown what content, at what point in time, performed the best.

    Small Business Analytics

    Location and Profile Insights

    For small businesses (SMBs), there's nothing more important than knowing who's walking in that door or hitting the "order" button online. The key to your success is knowing who is supporting your business and why, knowing your audience's location, how old they may be, and whether or not more men or women are buying your products (or vice versa).

    Engagement Averages

    Average engagement might be the best learning experience offered through PLANOLY analyze. Overall engagement is the best way to get all the pertinent information on your posts, stories, profile page based on engagement rate %, impressions, reach, likes, comments, saved, replies/story, and taps/story.

    Top Posts Based on Engagement

    Dig into the top 3 or 4 posts filtered by top engagement. Click on the post to view whether it received more likes or comments, and note any of your followers saved it. Although this isn't a specific category within PLANOLY analyze, for SMBs, finding the avenue that's making the biggest impact is worthy of the upgrade alone. So if it's your stories, posts, or your profile page, pinpointing which posts your customers find most useful may very well be your biggest takeaway with analyze.

    Influencer or Creator Analytics

    Story Engagement Overview

    With less focus on the Instagram grid in 2020, breaking down the impact of your IG stories is a best practice in and of itself. Utilizing this premium analytics feature will ensure that you have a balanced knowledge of your stories performance from a 360 lens.

    Audience Insights

    As an influencer, it is of central importance that you know exactly who your audience is. Where they live, how old they are, and what gender they identify as. To grow your reach, you have to understand who's listening, liking, commenting, and growing with you.

    Export CSV Tool

    At the top of the year when you're planning out your next 12 months, how cool would it be if you could export your social media metrics to a spreadsheet to key in on focus areas? Now you can with the PLANOLY analyze's export CVS tool. You can also use this tool to build reports to present to brands when potential collaborations arise. Plus, this feature is not currently available on Instagram and instead only in analyze. 

    Cost Factors

    Does anyone over the age of say, 35, generally realize just how difficult a social media manager's job actually is? We're going to guess no. Why? Well, largely because the role didn't even exist at the start of the 2000's. Adversely, if you're a small business or a start-up and know the value of a good social media manager and just can't afford to hire one, PLANOLY analyze isn't quite an actual human-being but it might be the next best thing for analytics. The average salary for a social media strategist in the U.S is roughly $56,000, depending on the living wage in your city or state. Typically, social media managers or strategists spend four to five hours a week reviewing performance metrics and creating reports. By the numbers, that represents roughly $120 a week spent on monitoring Instagram; time that could be spent creating content or fine-tuning other marketing efforts. A paid PLANOLY account not only eliminates that weekly cost, but hundreds of hours spent producing reporting in any particular year.But if you're a business owner and don't even pay yourself that much annually, PLANOLY analyze is the inexpensive office assistance you can't live without.

    Instagram Business Account vs. PLANOLY Analyze

    Make no mistake, there are plenty of benefits to upgrading to an Instagram Business account. You'll receive a few basic performance metrics that will help the average user understand their audience a bit better.

    But do you want to know the biggest advantage of upgrading to an Instagram Business sccount? You can use PLANOLY analyze! You must have an Instagram Business account to use PLANOLY analyze. Plus, as a paid PLANOLY user, you'll receive a full range of analytics data – more than what's available within Instagram's Insights. One of the biggest tools we offer that Instagram doesn't is our export CSV tool. We can't stress enough just how easy this makes producing reports. You'll be saving all the time you desperately desire. Moreover, you'll be able to view averages for your engagement rate %, impressions, reach, likes, comments, saved, replies/story, and taps/story. This is also a feature available in analyze and is not currently available on Instagram.

    Upgrade your PLANOLY account and start using analyze today!

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