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    May 04 2018

    Reading is fundamental. Your teachers told you endlessly in grade school, and most likely college. But of course, with an ever-changing digital space, the minute you think you know everything, the next day you're back to square one learning about new updates, algorithms, strategies, and even new digital influencers that are breaking through the scene. It's a lot to keep up with, especially on the world wide internet, but no worries, we're doing our reading homework for you and keeping our eyes peeled for vital reads that are essential for digital entrepreneurs and content creators.

    To keep you in the know this week, here are a few reads that we've been loving:

    1. Want to stay productive?
      Here are a few of the best apps you can use from our friend, Marianna Hewitt.
    2. Whether you're working from home or working in an office... these tips from The Teacher Diva will help your stay on track and manage your time at work.
    3. First, it was influencers. Then it was the rise of micro-influencers.
      Now, it's the rise of micro-subcultures, but what the heck are they?
    4. Influencer marketing is more relevant now than ever before.
      Take a quick peek at the 4 main components that help make influencer marketing successful.
    5. Not only is traditional advertising outdated, but with an ever-changing digital marketing space, it's important to understand your audience more than ever to produce sales. Take it from president and CEO of Walmart on how focusing on the fundamentals with the customers has helped keep them successful on all sales angles.

    Make sure to stay tuned to the PLANOLY blog as we'll be sharing links every other week to keep you caught up on all things social and digital marketing to make your strategies even better!
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