PlanoLinks: New Instagram Features and Safety Measures

    October 12 2018

    Change is in the air, and we're not just talking about the weather getting cooler and leaves turning colors. Instagram has been releasing several new features to improve safety measures and overcome bullying on the platform. In our latest PlanoLinks, we're highlighting a few new features that are already released (including one that's being tested), sharing other Instagram related news, and more! Read on to stay informed with the latest news and headlines.

    1. Did you know that there are one billion people on Instagram?! That's A LOT of users, which is why Instagram is developing new tools to keep their users safe. Find out more about those new features, as well as their new tools for managing your time on the app, and more!
    2. Instagram is tackling bullies once again with a new tool that will find instances of "bullying" in photos on the platform. Learn more about more of their anti-bullying efforts and how Instagram is spreading kindness.
    3. It's no surprise that social media influencers and celebrities have a huge impact on the political climate and voters. Taylor Swift ended her political hiatus by sharing a lengthy and impactful post to Instagram, which resulted in a spike of new voter registrations.
    4. Instagram recently released a new security feature that allows users to enable a two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging in. This adds an additional "check" to an account, so users can be sure they're the only one who can log in.
    5. Instagram is currently testing out a new feature that allows users to share their location history with Facebook, even when the app is not being used. They claim that it will "help you explore what's around you, get more relevant ads and help to improve Facebook." What are your thoughts on this potential feature? Learn more here.
    6. Did you know that Instagram uses machine learning to personalize different features on your IG account, including your feed and viewer lists? It also analyzes your usage history to make predictions about posts that are relevant to you. Discover more about why your crushes face might keep appearing at the bottom of your Instagram Stories...

    We love all of the precautionary measures that Instagram is taking to ensure that the platform maintains high standards. We hope you found these articles to be helpful for your Instagram strategies. Stay tuned next month for more informative news articles all about social media, Instagram, and more!


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