PlanoLinks: Influencers, Niche Brands and Algorithms

    June 01 2018

    Our PlanoLinks series continues with a few new articles that we found helpful and intriguing! The digital space is always changing, so it's key to stay in the know by reading the latest news and developments. This time, we're focusing mainly on the many facets of influencer marketing - from niche brands to Meghan Markle.

    Read on to find out the links we are loving lately:

      1. The influencer economy is constantly changing. Gifting as a strategy is outdated already, and brands have to rework their strategies constantly. In today's influencer economy, influencers are no longer just peddling products directly from brands to their followers. Find out how influencers are creating campaigns around a brand for companies and even building their own brands.
      2. Smaller, more niche brands with bigger budgets are showing promise across social media... giving bigger brands a run for their money. Learn more about micro brands.
      3. Thanks to digital ads, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the biggest winners in this small brand influx.Discover how these brands are rising above the rest.
      4. Our very own Brand Partnerships Manager, Priscilla Castro, was featured in an interview on Digital Beauty!Check out her full interview to learn about how she approaches brand partnerships, her role at PLANOLY, digital marketing,, and what's in her beauty bag.
      5. Even if you didn't watch the royal wedding, chances are you heard all about it. This New York Times article talks about the influence that Meghan Markle has as she steps into her new role. Read on to discover how she has the potential to change the perception of fashion brands, the royal family, and more.
      6. Social media algorithms can be frustrating and hard to keep up with, and we're always looking for more tips on how to maneuver them. You'll love this Forbes article that lists five ways you can beat algorithms using influencer marketing!
      7. Need some advice for organizing your grid?Check out this helpful guide for planning and scheduling your Instagram feed! Digital Mums even gave us a sweet shoutout and said, "Hands down my favorite scheduling system for Instagram is PLANOLY."

    Stay tuned to the PLANOLY blog for even more influencer marketing tips. If you're looking for more insight, check out this recap blog post from our "Tackling Instagram like an Influencer" panel with General Assembly. We love to connect with our PLANOLY fam, so feel free to share what links you've been loving lately as well!

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