PlanoLinks: All About Instagram

    September 26 2018

    Our PlanoLinks series continues, and this month we're focusing on all things Instagram! The platform has grown and evolved exponentially since its humble beginnings. Instagram has created an entirely new industry with the influencer marketing movement and only continues to surprise us with clever new features and updates. Read on for the latest in Instagram news, features, tips, and more!

    1. Many people were shocked to find out that Instagram's co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, have decided to step down from their positions. Who knows what innovative idea or business they'll come up with next?! Read the full story here.
    2. Instagram launched at a time when mobile photography was becoming increasingly popular, so their timing couldn't have been more perfect. Find out how Instagram became the social media giant it is today.
    3. Instagram is more than just pretty's an amazing opportunity to make money for influencers and businesses. Here are five ways you can turn your Instagram account into a revenue-generating machine.
    4. We always get excited when Instagram announces a new feature, and this latest one is no exception. You can now send GIFs in Instagram Direct message threads! Learn more about the new feature here.
    5. Interactive "museums" seem to be all the rage right now for Instagrammers. Here's how the Museum of Ice Cream has graduated to cult status on the 'gram.
    6. One aspect of Instagram that everyone seems to constantly be struggling with is the algorithm. Find out how to overcome it and use it to your advantage!

    "Our PlanoLinks series continues, and this month we're focusing on all things Instagram!"
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    Planolinks-Image-1-2 There are so many more topics to cover about Instagram, and it will always change and grow as new features are released. We hope you found these articles to be helpful and insightful! It's a good idea to constantly stay educated and on top of your news, no matter what industry you're in. Stay tuned for our next PlanoLinks series coming next month!


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