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    July 19 2018

    Is your brand where you want it to be? We've gathered a few of our favorite articles that include tips on growing a consistent brand image, from building a personal brand to developing a social media strategy. There's so much content to keep up with these days, but our PlanoLinks series is here to bring you some of the best content to stay informed and educated! Read on to discover tips and tricks for branding and beyond...

    Favorite links we've read lately:

    1. Developing a basic brand understanding of your business or organization is key, especially if you want to up your social media game. Check out this article to learn 8 branding questions that can help your social media strategy reach its full potential.
    2. WeWork recently made a major policy change within their company by telling its 6,000 employees worldwide that it won't pay for any meals including red meat, poultry or pork. They explained the policy as an effort to be more environmentally on to find out why this was a smart branding move!
    3. When building a business of any kind, it's essential to build a personal brand and make a connection with your followers. Learn why it's valuable to show your audience who you are and what you value by creating content with your signature on it.
    4. Budding entrepreneurs and business owners need to ensure that their branding is strong from the very beginning if they want to have lasting success and growth. Here are 8 ways you could be destroying your personal brand without even knowing it.
    5. Devising a social media strategy is a necessary step to forming a powerful brand. Owning your voice, maintaining consistency, and building a community are just a few essential aspects to grow a consistent brand image. Find out 6 steps to get started to create a social media strategy!
    6. Every touch point with your personal brand matters, and small changes can make a huge difference in how your audience perceives you. Read on for tips on how to create a strong and memorable personal brand that will help to turn your blog in a full-time career.
    7. Sometimes all you need is some inspiration from someone else who is crushing it in and living out their goals. We love this interview on The Everygirl featuring Necole of on to discover how this CEO reinvented her career!

    We hope you found these links to be insightful and helpful for you to reach your branding goals. Stay tuned in to the PLANOLY blog for more content on all things digital!

    "Our PlanoLinks series is here to bring you some of the best content to stay informed and educated."
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