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    October 31 2016

    As the premiere end-to-end visual management tool for Instagram we place a lot of emphasis on planning and creating amazing visual content - but that doesn't mean we ignore planning equally compelling copy! After all, great brand and social media storytelling need both and that's where today's PLANOLEADER story comes in, as it features a true expert who knows just what it takes to craft unique and engaging content all around. Allow us to introduce you to Warby Parker's Social Media Content Coordinator, Cristina Nieto. Prior to Warby Parker, Cristina contributed her talents to other innovative companies like Everlane; and with her impressive body of work we were excited to visit Cristina while in her element at Warby Parker's Soho HQ. Read all about it below which includes insight from this digital maven on her experience in planning content with a community in mind and how she's found her own social media voice outside of the office.

    Please introduce yourself!

    Hi! My name is Cristina Nieto. I create social media content for Warby Parker. I live in NYC (Chinatown) but I'm originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.
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    Give us an overview of your digital history. What have been some notable moments throughout your career so far?

    I moved to New York on April 7th, 2011. A friend that was already living in the city at the time called me and said "I have a job for you here in NY," and that was it. I moved 2 weeks later, didn't think twice. I always knew I would end up here someday. I blame Sex and the City. My first job was selling clothes at a small high-end boutique on Madison Ave in the Upper East Side. I was so inspired by all my new surroundings, I started documenting my NY adventures by taking photos with my phone and sharing on Facebook. It's funny because I've always been a "picture taker". I was that girl in high school who always had a camera with her at all times, ready to capture funny moments. When Instagram came along I was pumped! It was finally a place where I could share all my photos and be continuously inspired by other people's work. My love of photography kept growing as well as my social media presence and I became more and more aware of what brands were doing on social media. (I went to school for business so I'm a total nerd when it comes to brand development and marketing.) I started asking myself, "There has to be someone actually gathering images or shooting photos for these brands, how can I get THAT job?" So I began shooting content for some friends that had small brands and needed help with their business on social media. Later on, I started working as a freelance social media consultant and content creator for startups.


    If you ask us, Warby Parker is a leader when it comes to crafting compelling (and consistent!) content all around. With this in mind and while Instagram is all about sharing strong visuals, why do you think it's important to place just as much emphasis on the brand voice and copy?

    We're not in the business of just posting photos, we're in the business of telling a story through different channels consistently. We're telling the Warby Parker story and connecting with our community and customers. Copy, images, video, etc are just tools for us to tell that story. If tomorrow VR resonated with our audience we would pick it up because at the end of the day we're storytellers.

    "We're in the business of telling a story through different channels consistently."
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    What have you learned about creating content that really ignites a brand's community?

    Community resonates with community. Some of our most successful posts have been user generated. Also, our audience loves to see the people that work at Warby Parker because I think they see themselves in those people. Sharing insider photos from our offices, our team and basically being transparent about who we are and what we do is what ignites our community.

    How have you found your "digital" voice outside of your 9-5 and do you have any tips for those who may be looking to streamline their own feeds?

    It's a cliche answer but all creative work comes with experimentation and trial and error. I actually don't believe in streamlining your feed. Sometimes I go through people's feeds and I see transitions because they've changed they're style and that's refreshing! Don't be scared to change your style and share things that are unexpected. For me, my source of inspiration comes from my surroundings and traveling. Beautiful buildings, nature, textures and colors always catch my eye.

    "All creative work comes with experimentation and trial and error."
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    What would you like to see more of on Instagram and on social media in general?

    Honesty. A lot of people use social media as a way to induce jealousy and get likes so they feel better about themselves. I try not to follow people that you can tell are just living an "Instagram" life.


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