PlanoLeaders: Camilla Mayer of Milk Makeup

    December 05 2016

    This PLANOLEADERS story proves that when it comes to content, the beauty industry is not only being redefined but rebuilt. Enter Camilla Mayer as seasoned fashion professional who recently made the jump into the beauty game where she currently serves as the Community Manager at Milk Makeup. To us, Milk is the essence of a modern beauty brand that calls upon culture, community, and creativity to build products that real women everywhere need and want. Outside of her exciting 9 to 5, Camilla also works on her blog Open Haus Co. with her best friend and fellow style maven Karina De Jesus. With all of this in mind, we were excited to catch up with the busy content creator over coffee at Blue Bottle to learn more about how she juggles multiple projects, her thoughts on social's rapidly changing landscape and how she's learned to approach content from her experience in two enriching industries. Read on and find out what it's like to experience Camilla's day in the life.

    Please introduce yourself!

    Hi, my name is Camilla. I'm originally from Chicago and have been living in New York City for the last seven years with a background in fashion and trends.

    From your endeavors with Open Haus Co. to your 9-5 as MILK Makeup's social maven what are some highlights from your career?

    Social is this amazing beast where so much of life's moments get shared with an amazing community online. My involvement on the internet has given me some incredible friends, and that is my favorite aspect of social.

    "Social is this amazing beast where so much of life's moments get shared w/ an amazing community online." Tweet this.

    How has the transition from the fashion industry to beauty influenced how you approach content? What are some of the key differences you've noticed?

    Fashion to beauty has been an interesting transition. Beauty is more fun from a social content perspective because it's way easier to photograph and create micro content. A brand that values packaging and design make the content creation truly more satisfying when you love all the aspects of the product.

    As a marketer and content creator what are your tips in planning for and creating dynamic original content for Instagram?

    My three tips for planning and creating content is to have great lighting, a camera that you're comfortable with and don't be afraid to take risks! Content should evolve and flow, don't overthink it.

    "Content should evolve & flow, don't overthink it." Tweet this.


    Talk to us about Open Haus Co. Being that you run the platform with your best friend, can you walk us through the process of how you combine your unique point of view to create content? From Milk to OHC what advice can you offer to those who are creating content for Instagram with a team/partner?

    We approach our content based on priorities. Karina and I both work full-time jobs, so we squeeze content creation where ever we can between our hectic schedules. We also prioritize platforms and focus heavily on making sure our content stays fresh and innovative. Having a partner with creating content is some ways easier because you have twice to opportunity for moments - but aligning on the scheduling of posts and creative direction is a constant effort between Karina and I.

    At PLANOLY we're all about providing a dynamic tool to help content creators and brands seamlessly perfect their content plan. How have you learned to approach the planning/strategy side just as much as planning creative?

    Planning is everything when you are trying to build your voice on the internet. Juggling all the social platforms that are out there is tricky and having a great platform like PLANOLY helps tremendously.

    In your opinion who are some brands/content creators that are ahead of the curve in terms of planning and sharing compelling/innovative beauty content?

    I always love what Refinery 29 does with beauty on Instagram. They are always pushing their video content and how-to's.

    "Planning is everything when you are [building] your voice on the internet. Having a great platform like PLANOLY helps tremendously." Tweet this.


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