Planoleaders: Britany LeBlanc of Supergoop!

    January 28 2018

    Innovative brands need equally innovative content strategies, and that's where Britany LeBlanc comes in. Our featured PLANOLEADER's coveted positions in the luxury and fashion industries have led to her current leadership role in wellness at the beloved brand Supergoop!. In short, the company's mission is to redefine the role sunscreen plays in our daily routines. From the brand's engaging social media posts to its compact packaging, Supergoop! is truly reshaping this particular category for the better. But how do the company's many moving parts work in tandem? We had a chance to sit down with Britany who spoke more about her multifaceted role as Head of Marketing along with her recommended best practices and what she's learned about crafting content for products in such a niche market. Read on for our full interview below.

    Please introduce yourself!

    Hi! I'm Britany LeBlanc, the head of marketing at Supergoop!, an SPF focused beauty and wellness brand that is all about inspiring people to live in the sunshine and care for their skin with SPF. Every. Single. Day. I love love love my job - I feel so fortunate to get to call this work! The team is so smart and fun, our mission is powerful and really about helping people, and our products truly live up to the hype. I live in Tribeca with my husband Ben, who is the founder and owner of Good Stock, a soup focused fast casual start-up. On weekends you'll find me at SoulCycle or exploring the city. We're really into food (Don Angie is a recent fave!) and I love discovering new beauty and fashion brands. New York City is a constant source of inspiration. Find me on Instagram at @britanyannleblanc.


    Before Supergoop! what were you up to professionally, what role did digital play in your job description, and what have been some notable moments throughout your career so far?

    Before Supergoop! I ran marketing for the women's DTC luxury retailer WORTH. Before that, I spent five years in Digital Media at Coach and Ann Taylor, business-school at NYU in the Luxury Retail program. I always knew I wanted to do something with luxury and consumer brands. Digital has really always been a spart of my job description. Organizationally, it was a separate team in some of my earlier roles, but I never thought "digital" marketing was separate from just simply - marketing. I think the most notable moments in my career have been helping to shift leadership perception that digital couldn't be brand building, or that on and offline marketing do not influence each other. The shift from organizing by channel to organizing around the consumer has been really exciting to be a part of.

    Given the nature of the product, individuals who aren't as familiar with Supergoop! may believe that they should only purchase from the brand for specific reasons. Would you agree? With that said, how are you using social media as a tool to build longevity and long-term storytelling for the brand?

    Totally - this is what I spend all day thinking about. We are changing the way the world thinks about sunscreen from a beach or vacation product to something that is a part of your skincare routine Every. Single. Day. Social is a huge lever for this because it's a way for us to deliver this message in a fun and inspiring way. We spend a ton of time thinking about storytelling and content creation.

    "Social [media] is a huge lever - it's a way for us to deliver [our] message in a fun & inspiring way. We spend a ton of time thinking about storytelling & content creation."
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    Walk us through your day-to-day. Do your roles and responsibilities vary by season? At the moment, what is your favorite part of the job?

    I always start my day on Slack and email checking in on messages that came in the night before; then I review my to-do list. We're moving a mile a minute so taking a little time for prioritization and organization in the morning is critical. I'm usually heading straight into the office (we're in the WeWork at Broadway and Spring) for meetings with my team, but some days I'm on set at a photo shoot or headed to a breakfast meeting or industry event. I love being in marketing because it's the perfect combo of creative and analytical, so I'm constantly switching gears between analyzing spreadsheets and building forecasts to copywriting, brainstorming, casting and making decisions on image selects. My favorite part of my job is seeing the ideas that we dream up come to life, and being new to the world of beauty, learning more about the industry and the product development process.

    "I love being in marketing because it's the perfect combo of creative and analytical."
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    From kids to travel to Supergoop!'s general product assortment, would you say your approach to social content changes between each category?

    We think about how our content strategy shifts from channel to channel, but within social, specifically Instagram, we try to craft content and copy that speaks to our core consumer through a unified voice. We create a plan in advance for each season or campaign timeframe that will amp up certain aspects of our story - such as our travel-themed campaign #seaorski during November/December. But we always come back to four core pillars of our brand for which we have an evergreen content strategy for our clean and feel good formulas, our mission and backstory, education around suncare in general, and inspiration to #liveinthesunshine.

    What has been one of the biggest lessons you've learned when it comes planning or posting social content specifically about the ingredients or health aspects of the product?

    I think the biggest (and best) surprise for me has been how engaged our audience is with education content, what we call #sun101. We've started asking our followers to answer common FAQs and help us with True/False SPF myth-busting, and we've been incredibly touched by how much our loyal fans want to play along and spread the word.
    Planoleaders: Britany LeBlanc of Supergoop! - PLANOLY Blog - Instagram

    Based on your experience in this particular vertical, what are your top best practices or tips for those looking to plan and share impactful content in this space?

    1) Build and be a part of the community. Instagram is an incredible tool for brand building, but we try to give back by educating, inspiring, participating. We respond to every single consumer message, comment, and piece of UGC, and try to be good friends with other brands and influencers that we partner with.
    2) Plan ahead! It's important to plan far enough in advance to "get ahead" of your content creation. You should never be in a position where you say, "What should I post today?" Plan in 4-6 week chunks of content and make sure that social storytelling lines up to what's happening in all other channels. But be ok with changing the plan on the fly. If something's not working, or a big cultural phenomenon comes along, we're ok with reworking things.
    3) Content, content, and more content. Develop a mechanism to create and source great ongoing content in-house, and content that is exclusive and designed for social. We crowdsource from our entire team for content for #regrams, inspiration photos, and new ideas - we have a channel in Slack dedicated to this, and we make use of the save feature in IG for that as well. The best ideas come from everywhere. Lastly, we invest in building influencer and consumer relationships to get great UGC content.




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