Planoleaders: Bianca Nieves of ADAY

    November 12 2017

    Our PLANOLEADER never underestimates the power of the written word. Enter Bianca Nieves, the social media darling at wellness-inspired athleisure brand ADAY, and budding freelance fashion writer. Did we mention at 23 years old she already has penned articles for highly respected lifestyle platforms including Teen Vogue? As avid followers of Bianca's impressive career endeavors, we jumped at the opportunity to visit Bianca in her element at ADAY's bright offices in the bustling Soho neighborhood. There, she gave us a refresher on what she and the ADAY team are currently up to along with a few of her best practices regarding all things digital.

    Please introduce yourself!

    Hey there! I'm Bianca Nieves, a 23-year-old from Puerto Rico who now lives in Chinatown, NYC. I'm a freelance fashion writer who also handles all things Instagram over at ADAY. When I'm not writing or 'graming, you can find me thrifting, reading or napping.

    Before ADAY what were you up to professionally, what role did digital play in your job, and what have been some notable career moments so far?

    It's been a year since I moved to NYC from Puerto Rico, but ever since my sophomore year in college, I made it my goal to snag internships in the city over the summer. So, when I graduated and decided to make the big move, I already had under my belt a Social Media + Marketing internship at Pixie Market, a Fashion Closet internship at (the now defunct) Cosmo for Latinas, and a Fashion Editorial at Refinery29. Since then, I've also written for Yahoo! Style and Teen Vogue. Now, having such a wide spectrum of experiences in the fashion industry, digital became a big role in my job description because I knew that I wanted to keep on storytelling whether through written words or visuals.

    "ADAY has a strong brand when it comes to storytelling."
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    The majority of your career has been in fashion editorial. How have those experiences translated into your work as Social Media Associate at ADAY?

    I studied Comparative Literature in college so needless to say that I love the written word. ADAY is such a strong brand when it comes to storytelling, that my background in writing has permitted me to help expand their stories, whether it be in captions, Insta stories or helping with email copy too.

    Talk to us about your experience as a freelancer. How does working in this capacity enable you to bring a different perspective to the table as you craft content for ADAY?

    Being a freelancer lets me approach creating content with a more macro perspective to then pinpoint what content will be on brand. It goes both ways though because working solely from a brand's perspective has helped my personal social media usage as well.


    Walk us through your day-to-day. What's been on your schedule lately and how are you and the ADAY team prepping?

    My phone is an extension of my hands when I'm at ADAY, whether it be for scheduling last minute posts on PLANOLY or engaging with our customers via Instagram comments and DMs. Lately, we're prepping to launch a new capsule, so that's very exciting! It's great to work in a small but growing company because all the company's verticals can complement each other and it makes the job of translating our future content successfully in all channels, such a fun learning experience.

    Is there any specific social media post or campaign that you came across recently that resonated with you?

    Not a specific post per se, but I really believe Twitter threads are the voice of our generation. Unlike Instagram Stories that die after 24 hours or captions that are too long (which can intimidate the reader), Twitter threads really make use of the 140 characters and serve realness ― whether it be hilariously insane conspiracy theories, personal anecdotes or cultural perspectives and situations that need to be discussed. Journalists, influencers, celebrities, and tons of daily users are really taking these threads to a whole new level, and I find them so engaging and amazing!

    "I really believe Twitter threads are the voice of our generation."
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    Based on your experience of working in the fashion-wellness/athleisure vertical what would be your top tips for creating compelling content in this space?

    ADAY is such a well-rounded brand when it comes to fashion-wellness/athleisure - so I plan content in a way that if somebody winds up in our feed for the first time, they really can grasp the technical side of it, as well as the sustainable side and the overall message of simplicity. That being said, my general tips for creating and planning content would be:

    1. Don't break your head trying to figure out Instagram's ever-changing algorithms. Stick with your brand's voice, because even if one photo doesn't perform well, it works as a whole.
    2. Quality over quantity. Instagram is such a fast-paced channel but creating content that shows your 110% is better than simply doing it for the gram.
    3. Don't be afraid to try something out of the box. It doesn't necessarily go with the aesthetic, but you have a message to share? Go for it. You never know the impact it will have if you don't try.

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