Planoleaders: Alyssa Clough of Domino Magazine

    August 07 2017

    The art of great content rests in one's ability to design the perfect feed. From interiors to art, Domino Magazine is a leader in its category, and it's no surprise to us that they always dominate the content game. You could attribute much of that success to our featured PLANOLEADER Alyssa Clough, who currently serves as the Associate Social Media Editor. From content creation for Domino's website to scheduling daily social posts, there's always something inspiring on Alyssa's envy-inducing to-do list. We even got a taste of it for ourselves when visiting Alyssa at Domino's colorful and cozy Midtown office. Discover more and meet Alyssa who chatted with us about the synergies between the design world and social media in this exclusive interview.

    Please introduce yourself!

    Hi! Alyssa here, Domino's Associate Social Media Editor. I do everything from community managing (catch me in Domino's DMs!), scheduling daily posts, and strategy. I recently moved to Brooklyn and am in the midst of designing my dream one-bedroom apartment. I love being on-the-go and am always traveling, trying out new restaurants, sweating it out at Y7, and running the Williamsburg Bridge.

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    Give us an overview of your digital history. Before Domino, what were you up to professionally, what role did digital play in your job description, and what have been some notable moments throughout your career so far?

    Growing up, I subscribed to every magazine that existed. After graduating from Northwestern University, I moved to New York to pursue a career in journalism in what I hoped would be fashion. My first job ended up being at a beauty start-up within Time Inc. called MIMI. I remember interviewing post-grad, and everyone was steering me towards digital roles, but I just still have such a soft spot for print (which is part of why I love being at Domino—we print quarterly). Social media was part of my role there, and when I joined the team at Domino, I was also writing and doing social. There came a time when I had to choose one or the other, and I chose social. Choosing to take that risk and become a full-time social editor is definitely the most notable moment in my career so far. I'm happy I took the plunge!

    What are your thoughts on the synergy between (interior) design and social media and why do you think it's such a popular vertical in the content landscape?

    It's such a fun time to be in the design world because people are really starting to care—and share on social media. Since I started at Domino, it's definitely become more common for both influencers and everyday people to share a beautiful space on Instagram. It makes sense because these days everything is designed. Where you buy your clothing, where you eat brunch, your coffee shop, the office you work in, your home, everywhere you go has a curated look and feel. Our standard for interiors has definitely risen for public spaces. It's also exciting to see people sharing more of their personal space because it shows off their style and what they're all about.

    "It's become more common for both influencers & everyday people to share a beautiful space on Instagram."
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    Walk us through your day-to-day. From uploading and managing Domino's social channels to communicating with the contributor network, what is currently your favorite aspect of the job?

    My favorite aspect of the job is getting to interact with readers and designers on a daily basis and working to really foster that sense of community. It's the best when I find someone on Instagram, we photograph their space for a home tour, and then I get to share their home and story back onto our Instagram for all of our followers to then discover and get inspired by.

    Based on your experience in this industry, what are your top take aways when planning, posting, strategizing, and creating content in the design space?

    1. The immediate feedback you get on social is invaluable and key to understanding your audience, which means you have to be flexible! I work hard to curate a mix of content that's affordable and aspirational, serviceable and inspirational, so that our feed never feels too one- note.
    2. Designing your home is extremely personal. You have to live there every single day, and yeah, you want it to be pretty and reflect your personal style, but it also has to be super functional and authentic. That's definitely something I keep in mind when posting and creating content.
    3. Finally, it's all about the community and spreading the love. It's so fun to regram designers and see all of their friends and fan comment like crazy. There's a ton of collaboration going on and getting to be a part of that on Instagram is the best.

    What is a unique lesson you've learned as a result of being in this particular role?

    On a personal level, it's really taught me to own my style and taste and encourages others to do the same. It's all about confidence and being you. Even in the office, everyone has such distinct design aesthetics, and I so respect everyone's unique perspectives. That's another reason why I love Domino because we create content for all design styles.

    How does your role in social/digital translate to offline experiences? Can you share an example of a time when your role encompassed both digital and real-life storytelling?

    First, I'm constantly gathering inspiration from Domino and using it in my everyday life, and I hope our readers and followers are doing the same! But really, seeing Instagrams and Instagram stories of people enjoying our summer pop-up and summer issue is really special. The team is so proud of the issue—and the pop-up, which was an extension of the issue—and it was so, so fun to meet both longtime fans and people that were just discovering the brand in real life in that space.
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    Generally, who are a few influencers, brands, or content creators in the design space that you're currently inspired by/or think we should be keeping an eye on in the coming months?

    Lately, I've been feeling more inspired by photographers like @michellenorrisphoto, @lucylaucht, @natalie_santafe and @tessaneustadt. I don't think you necessarily have to pull inspiration for your home from photos of somebody else's home, but sometimes it's more fun to be inspired by destinations and colors, which they share a lot of. Content-wise, I love everything @createcultivate is doing, and same goes for @healthy_ish. I'm a sucker for a super designed and curated feed, and restaurant @thesosta (opening soon!) is my newest obsession. In terms of designers, @leannefordinteriors is the absolute best, I'm so into @adrienneraquel's aesthetic and design choices, and @hiltoncarter is my latest #plantgoals follow. I eat up literally everything @shopbando makes and posts and I'm a forever @framebridge fan.

    From your POV as both a social media manager and consumer, what would be your advice for brands in the design space who are looking to grab the attention of a company like Domino?

    Use our hashtag and tag us! Super basic, but sometimes I think people assume big brands don't pay attention, but I definitely do. I spend so much time on Instagram looking for new people and their spaces and cool brands. Instagram is still, in my opinion, a platform that fosters real discovery. I'll be in a rabbit hole of like stalking some blogger's space, click through to the photographer's page, see a new destination they just traveled to, then click through to see where they got their cute dress from—it's a time suck, but an enjoyable one. So one, don't be afraid to reach out. But also, back to the discovery aspect, just do your thing and be authentic to your brand (over email, on social, in person, always!) and if it resonates with people, they'll discover you and fall in love with whatever you're doing.

    "Be authentic to your brand
    & if it resonates with people, they'll discover you & fall in love with whatever you're doing."

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