Planoleaders: Alexandra Ramirez of Ellevest

    April 17 2017

    Knowing who you are is the first step to really making your mark in the digital space. With that said it should come as no surprise that Ellevest, a digital investment platform for modern women, is using content as a vehicle to support, educate and connect women who are looking to take control of their financial power. At the helm of Ellevest's compelling social media content is today's featured PLANOLEADER Alexandra Ramirez, who believes that timeliness, community and conversations are key pillars in creating content that is both relevant and responsible. We were excited to see Alexandra's considerate approach to content firsthand during our recent visit at Ellevest's inspiring offices in Chelsea, New York. Read on for more of Alexandra's professional history and her thoughts on creating content for a mission-driven company.

    Please introduce yourself personally!

    Hi, Alexandra Ramirez here! Born and raised in Austin, Texas and been living in New York for five years now, working within the fashion, music, and now finance industries. When I'm not tweeting, posting and creating, you'll find me on the soccer field or cooking in the kitchen.
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    Prior to Ellevest what were you up to professionally, what role did digital play in your job description and what have been some notable moments throughout your career so far?

    Digital has always played a role in my job. How could it not? In this day and age, whatever content you're putting out into the world has a digital aspect. Prior to Ellevest I was on the marketing team at Bkstg, a music and entertainment app. One highlight of that experience was helping the team launch the product. Seeing our hard work and planning come to fruition was incredibly fulfilling, both personally and professionally.

    Walk us through your day in the life. What does your to-do list usually look like and is there any one project or moment that you're most proud of?

    First things first, coffee. And then breakfast. My brain is at a standstill until those two things happen. Up next is combing through newsletters, blogs and feeds for news relevant to women, money and power. Timeliness makes or breaks good content, and it's important that Ellevest is always commenting on what's relevant to our followers. After that it's off to my desk or a conference room to plan and brainstorm. We recently hired an in-house videographer and marketing designer, which I am super excited about. We're putting some fun projects into production so stay tuned. I'm currently wrapping up a campaign around Women's History Month in which I asked our female staffers to write what they would want their future bios to say during Women's History Month 2040. I loved featuring the women of Ellevest and reminding our followers that there are incredibly talented and interesting humans behind the machine.

    Ellevest's empowering voice really shines through in the content posted on Instagram. We also love that it is inclusive and positive! How would you describe the community both online and off and why do you think Instagram is a necessary vehicle to bring everyone together?

    Thank you! The Ellevest community is made up of a diverse group of women who are ambitious, smart, and hard-working — and they're straight shooters, too. With Instagram, we're able to connect with these women by sharing content that is predominantly visual and highly engaging. Pictures tell stories and that's what everyone searches for on Instagram, powerful stories that make them stop mid scroll.

    Ellevest is truly a unique and mission-driven company, how would you describe the process of crafting the tone and aesthetic for social? What have been some unique challenges and rewards?

    I consider our authenticity one of our biggest strengths. Not many companies, especially in the finance industry, can say that they are for women, let alone designed by women. We're not jumping on any bandwagon; this is our mission through and through. I wanted our social channels to be an extension of our product. Thanks to our Chief Design Officer Melissa Cullens, Ellevest is incredibly beautiful, intuitive and different from any other digital investment platform out there. My hope is that the aesthetic on our social platforms reflects those same characteristics. As far as the tone for social, my goal is to bring that same tongue in cheek voice from our product, to all of our social media platforms. Props to Content Director Phoebe Assenza for developing the Ellevest voice. Unique challenge? We discovered a really interesting phenomenon in the early days of Ellevest; a lot of women assumed that something made expressly "for women" was automatically less intelligent. What!? I know. But it's true, and it's been an exciting challenge for the content team to dispel that notion. We want women to assume that something made for them is smarter, faster and better.

    Whether it's for another finance-focused company or an entrepreneur in business what are your 3 general tips for those working in this particular industry that want to creatively tell their story?

    1. Be human. What do I mean? Clients want to see the people behind the brand. It makes you more relatable.
    2. Get creative with the channels you push content out on. For example, we discovered through research that our target audience loves Pinterest. Who would have thought a digital investment advisor would be on Pinterest? But then again, our clients invest in really specific goals that lend themselves to visuals: home, kids, epic vacations, dream retirement, which are some of the most pinned topics on the platform.
    3. Timeliness. Think Brexit or our most recent presidential election results. **** happens and if you're not covering it and conversing with your clients and followers about it than someone else is. Silence is bad. Especially in 2017.
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    Overall what role does planning play in your day to day and how have you learned to find a balance between data and creativity in your role?

    It's everything! A lot of thought goes into the content we push out on our social channels. This is most likely a potential client's first touch point with our brand, and we want that first meeting to be memorable and unique. I see data as my ally (everyone should). It helps shape my content calendar throughout the month. I post and sometimes change what I post based off of what women are connecting with and what they are drawn to visually. It's fascinating to get real-time feedback from my analytics tools. In my opinion, data and creativity are not mutually exclusive, if anything they go hand in hand. I will end with this: there is only so much planning you can do. You need to be flexible so you can respond to things at they happen in a way that resonates with your audience.

    With regard to the business/investment space what have you learned to consider the most when it comes to planning for/creating content in this space and what are you hoping to/excited to see more (from this industry) on social media this year?

    I always center myself in the fact that as a digital investment advisor, people are trusting us with not only their money but their dreams as well. No matter how beautiful or fun our content is, it should also reflect the experience and knowledge we have in this space so that we are trusted by our clients. I build this trust by creating evergreen content around our CEO Sallie Krawcheck and the nearly 30 years she spent on Wall Street, the fact that we're a fiduciary and by law have to do what's in the best interest of our clients (crazy, but not all financial advisors are), and by sharing insightful articles from our resource center.

    What would I like to see more of on social in 2017?

    Women! Specifically, women talking about money. Because money is power.


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