Advice: Planning For Special Events

    February 10 2016

    In this day and age content's place in a marketing strategy is key whether a business is in the digital space or not. Establishing a consistent schedule for content that builds on a brand's core values is already a commitment in itself, and introducing the need to plan for special events (which can range from anything including conferences, live events, etc.) definitely up's the Instagram ante. Even with the challenge of introducing any new or unexpected content, there are tips and tricks that can help ease you, followers, into these subtle changes.

    Here are a few ideas on how to make your feed cohesive or keep in mind when gearing up for special events.

    Prepare your followers for upcoming changes in content:

    We just returned from Create & Cultivate - a conference that presented many opportunities at just about every corner to capture and share dynamic content. Still, there needs to be a balance in how much of the same content is posted and how frequently. When at a special event like a conference plan to share content that is most relevant in real-time. Based on what performs well with your Instagram follower-base, determine what takes priority in being posted the day of and plan to share the rest at later dates. (See our our post on Fillers for Brands for more).

    Popular content is not always good content:

    Finally, take a holistic look at what takes priority on making the Instagram cut at all! While a special event may present a one-time opportunity to capture something different, remember that just because others may be capitalizing on this, that doesn't mean it necessarily makes sense for your brand. It all comes down to achieving equal awareness of what looks good, but more importantly what performs even better. Luckily Planoly has the tools to help you establish both!

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