Planning for Cyber Monday as a Brand

    October 19 2018

    Holiday shopping starts as early as October now. 45% of millenials look at social media for gift inspiration and 36% of Americans begin their shopping before Thanksgiving! Cyber Monday shoppers aren't typically impulse buyers. Most Cyber Monday shoppers already have an idea of what they are looking for in regards of holiday shopping, so it's important your marketing messages target them early on in the fall.

    Prepare for Customers That Are Already Browsing

    We know that most Cyber Monday shoppers are doing their research early on, so it's important that you start preparing your holiday sales early in the game. Think about the products you may want run a holiday sale on and schedule their start date and sale prices. The earlier you decide your products, the the earlier you can begin letting your customers and potential customers know about your upcoming sale. Explore all your options and know your audience. Whether you decide to focus your marketing on social media, email campaigns, or an ad campaign, make sure you're choosing what works best for your brand. Pick the channel that has proven to work best for you and put majority of effort there.

    Make Sure Your Site Can Handle the Traffic

    How awful would it be if you took all the right marketing steps, got potential customers to your cite, and it crashes! Test your site for bugs and collaborate with your IT department to ensure a great experience for your shoppers. If your site takes longer than 5 seconds to load, 74% of potential shoppers will leave their attempt, and 46% of users will not return to your site. So just to be safe, ensure you've taken all the steps to retain your customers.

    "It's important that you start preparing your holiday sales early in the game."
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    Partner with Influencers!

    You know we're all about a good partnership. Reach out early on in the season to blogs, influencers and gift guide websites and ask them to feature your products and planned sales for Cyber Monday. Our new tool, Campaigns gives brands the opportunity to easily streamline their influencer marketing by discovering and connecting with new talent to create impactful branded digital campaigns. The team will also provide you with the tools, tips, strategies, and case studies to help you ensure that your campaigns are set for success!

    Turn Your Cyber Monday Shoppers into Year-Round Customers

    Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean your relationship with your customers should stop. Instead, plan ways to maintain your relationship with your new customers you acquired during your Cyber Monday sales. Keep your customers engaged by sending out post-sale emails, staying active on social media, and offering exclusive sales to loyal customers. Planning and preparing ahead of time are the keys to a successful Cyber Monday. Download our Cyber Monday checklist below to help you stay even more organized and on top of your planning strategies! There are plenty of other tips to ensure a successful holiday season but hopefully these first steps will get you on the right track. If this is your first go, set realistic expectations and treat this as a learning experience. Happy Sales Season!

    "Planning and preparing ahead of time are the keys to a successful Cyber Monday."
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    Download Our Cyber Monday Checklist Here!



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