Planning "Creative" Content in a Not so Creative Field

    September 15 2017

    There is a true art to planning and posting great content - though this approach isn't strictly limited to creative industries. In fact, we're starting to see a ton of innovation on this front from brands and industries that are often thought not to have a creative bone in their organizations. This article will highlight a few unexpected brands that are making a splash with engaging, informative, and fresh social content. We'll also share how to follow their lead by using PLANOLY's features to help establish a plan that allows companies to be more creative all across the board.

    Why Creativity is Important

    No matter your industry, when it comes to social content, creativity is what will both hook your followers and result in them sticking around for more. For those working in industries including business, finance, technology or science, it can sometimes be a hard sell to include content on the list of where to invest your time and resources. However, whether you're selling services or educating your community, being creative in your approach will not only keep your current followers engaged but also present opportunities to acquire new users too. The below examples demonstrate that it is possible to stay on-brand/maintain industry expectations while also having a little fun in their social storytelling.

    Brands to Watch

    The most relevant example of where we saw this synergy come to fruition was in our recent PLANOLEADER feature with @ellevest. As a refresher, Ellevest is a digital investment platform for women looking to take control of their financial future. While investment can sometimes to be a daunting, and let's face it, a boring topic of discussion, Ellevest is transforming how women view talking about finance. Look at their Instagram feed, and you'll see a dynamic mix of content from pop culture GIFs to Q&A videos with Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck to their beloved #FinancialFeministFriday which highlights trailblazing women who own their lives, work, and their money with confidence. This lifestyle-led approach perfectly aligns Ellevest's ability to educate and engage with their community in a relatable and approachable way. Another example worth talking about is National Geographic @natgeo. Even if you don't consider yourself to be the adventurous or nature-loving type, you can't beat Nat Geo's compelling photojournalistic approach to how they curate their Instagram feed. This includes gripping photos of wildlife (which are both beautiful and informative as they include a call-to-action to preserve endangered species or learn more about an animal's unique story). They also post honest portraits of people in conflict areas or parts of the world we don't always see. Whatever the case, there is something unmistakably powerful in National Geographic's strategy. They prove that teaching and storytelling are not mutually exclusive. Our last example focuses on Digital Industrial Company, GE @generalelectric who is taking a rather personalized approach to social media. While the bulk of what they do may be tricky to translate to the masses, they've taken a "behind-the-scenes" lens in sharing their latest inventions and initiatives. We particularly love that a lot of these posts champion or attempt to share the day-to-day through the eyes of their global employee-base. This method provides both a look into the making of their products while showing the important role their internal community plays in GE's overarching success. GE's content may only be relevant or interesting to a particular group of users, but even still, this approach demonstrates the value that comes with humanizing an otherwise industry-specific process.

    The Art of Planning

    Have we convinced you that creativity counts? We hope so! If not, and as promised, the closing section of this article will provide a refresher on ways to incorporate these more out-of-the-box elements. To start, use the Discover search tool as a way to stay up-to-date with what brands in these industries (and in general) are doing within their social content that marries both creativity and industry education. Aesthetics aside, don't forget to utilize the Analyze tool to see how your posts are doing - you may be surprised at your results. No matter what industry you're in, use this as an opportunity to refresh and redefine what creativity means to your social strategy!


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