Planning Content with Data in Mind

    June 12 2016

    There's a true balance of science and art when it comes to compelling content that entices your community and inspires action both online and off. This much is true: beautiful content may cater to your follower's inner aesthete, but also it's important to recognize that while it's visually pleasing, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's always good. This is where the introduction of the science component comes in because as marketers we must equally consider data and analytics. Luckily PLANOLY's recent introduction of the Metrics and Analyze feature allows an in depth look into how your posts are performing. So while you may find yourself getting wrapped up in arranging the perfect #flatlay, consider the following points as you plan your feed's creative moving forward:

    The Numbers Game

    We touched on this in an earlier article, but data helps round out the full picture of how your content strategy is doing. Though at the same time it isn't always indicative of whether or not you're doing something right or wrong. As Instagram's reign has grown, there have been a number of curveballs that have disrupted landscape (the ability to purchase followers, the platform's algorithm change, etc.) which can make it difficult to see what's doing well organically. So like anything, sometimes it's just a matter of playing the game – on the one hand your approach can result in a win, and other times not so much. But with tools like PLANOLY, it's easy to see consistent trends in what's performing well and use those as a workable foundation for which you can plan your content on, no matter the circumstances.

    Embracing Comparison

    In some cases comparison might be the thief of joy, but when it comes to effective content planning, it's actually a positive. PLANOLY's metrics feature allows for you to keep track of what's performing with the option of comparing content against factors like the day it was posted, the time, and more. From this information you can also pick up on any trending patterns in the creative you're posting based on the support from the analytics. Once you have a sense of what's doing well across the entire spectrum you can make decisions in what direction to move next in terms of creative and strategy.

    Day By Day

    This article first and foremost is not claiming that this uniform approach will be a finite solution for all brands – and to us, that's the exciting part! The introduction of PLANOLY's features along with your own business instinct, and creative acumen provides a hefty framework to work from in your content strategy. As your brand develops, the market changes and platforms like Instagram evolve, the best thing you can do is to take things day by day. Set short-term benchmarks to give you a sense of whether or not what your plan is calling for is doable (based on your brand's size, industry and community's digital habits). And as you get into a content groove, a day will come when the lightbulb goes off and you'll have a sense of how to balance the sometimes daunting task of marrying data and immersive creative content.

    Watch this

    Watch the easy tutorial videos for both app and web platform on how to use PLANOLY's new ANALYZE feature to view and compare your top-performing content.




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