Planning Content That Inspires Comments

    June 15 2016

    Just as we all found ourselves in an Instagram groove, we were thrown a curveball that will impact the way businesses and individual content creators grow their brands. The announcement of the change in algorithm has inspired a frenzy amongst the community with businesses (of ALL levels) making changes to ensure user retention. Though for some, this particular update has inspired the "glass half full" approach. More specifically PLANOLY is ahead of the curve in terms of helping marketers stay up to date with their CRM needs - just make sure you're updated to the latest version! In the meantime, here are a few things to consider regarding the importance of engagement and planning content that inspires comments.

    Comments, Conversation, Conversion

    Physical comments, both positive and negative, are invaluable. If a user has taken the TIME to share thoughts or follow up to your content, this not only creates feedback but is indicative of whether or not your plan is on the right track. In a connected age, it's important to treat content strategy as something that's always a work in progress and by engaging with your community in a back and forth (whether via comments, direct messages, etc.) you can get a sense of where they're at which can help inform your next steps. Additionally, if you're selling physical goods this can also help guide the relationship to a point beyond conversation... where comments turn into click throughs which lead to actual product purchases.


    Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    Continuing with the above idea, comments (or sometimes a lack of) can inspire change. It's hard to measure engagement now because of the many hacks (buying followers, spam, etc.) both brands and individuals have access to - so don't get discouraged if your engagement ratio isn't up to par. While it can be unsettling to find your followers not engaging in the way you'd like them to, this presents an opportunity to take a step back and look at your plan in it's entirety. As you continue to strive for your brand's benchmarks, you can still pick up on trends that are working within your content strategy already. PLANOLY's recent introduction of the Metrics and Analyze feature can also help provide some insight on how to establish synergy and have success in both creative and analytics.

    Engaging With Change

    Sometimes it's just a matter of rolling with the punches. As we mentioned earlier Instagram's recent algorithm sparked a viral trend of users sharing "Notifications" posts by encouraging their audiences to turn on their notifications to stay connected to their updates in real-time. Despite unexpected updates like this, remember to consider the big picture and don't lose sight of your brand's strengths and values as you personally engage with the changes that all businesses, digital or not, face in this day and age.
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