Planning Content Resolutions

    January 08 2018

    Brands and businesses of all sizes are planning their goals, budgets, and potential initiatives for Q1 of 2018. In the same spirit of making a new year's resolution, it's important to thoughtfully consider any changes regarding your brand's content in the new year. At PLANOLY, we recognize the importance of having an actionable plan; and this article will touch on ways that brands and content creators can spice up their social media content for the coming months.

    New Year, New Content

    Each new year brings a set of opportunities, circumstances, and expectations that ultimately shape how brands engage with their customers. When planning your content "resolutions," it is initially important to understand what you want to change and why. Is it a case of refreshing your brand POV? Do you want to liven up your social media copy? Truly knowing the overarching reasons for making any changes to your content strategy will help set a focused tone and enable you to make informed decisions (rather than changing something, just for the sake of changing it).

    Trends vs. Big Picture

    With the above ideas in mind, when introducing new elements to your content strategy, it's equally important to provide your followers with context. Are you looking to engage with an "of-the-moment" political conversation? Do you want to get on board with the millennial pink color scheme? If so, why is that and will it enhance your follower's content experience? Knowing this and articulating it to your followers will both keep them involved in the conversation, and in turn, provide feedback as you continue to shape an effective strategy. When deciding on these changes, it's also important to think about whether or not it's worth jumping on board with a trend and how it will affect your brand and the big picture. As you get a better sense of this, you can use our Analyze feature to assess what's performing well, so you have an idea of what to continue prioritizing in your content calendar.


    "This point in the year is the time to consider how your actual content can evolve."
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    Multimedia Content

    This point in the year is also a time to consider how your actual content can evolve. It's easy to get caught up in the idea that your content must be bold and eye-catching - while that's true, those terms can mean different things to different people depending on your brand. While some posts may call for fun GIFs, pop culture memes or video, remember that a less-is-more approach can also yield a lot of value. When in doubt, you can even turn to your customer and follower community for feedback on what they'd like to see more of and what they already enjoy. If you as a marketer or founder have personal goals to spice up your brand's social visuals, there is also value in consulting peers or other brand-builders to get their take on introducing new and unexpected elements.

    Forming Strategic Partnerships

    Perhaps your resolutions aren't so much about the content itself but rather how to make it all come together in the long-run. Now that we've covered a few ways to enhance your content and strategy, it's important to consider how to delegate based on your skills, time, and interests. They say it takes a village, so consider forming alliances with consultants, strategic partners or agencies. Often these parties specialize in specific areas and may bring a fresh perspective to the table. In a social- first landscape, collaboration is everything. Even if you don't have the resources to hire a full-time team, it's worth reaching out to those who: 1) understand your vision, 2) are interested in building a long-term relationship, and 3) want to help turn your resolutions into a reality.


    It may be overwhelming to plan and set goals for the year ahead, but remember that all good things take time (and are inevitably destined to change). And at the very least, from data to creative, PLANOLY has all of the tools to help set the groundwork for a content strategy with longevity.

    "In a social-first landscape, collaboration is everything."
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