Build Your Pinterest Video Strategy with the PLANOLY Pin Planner

    May 14 2020

    Build Your Pinterest Video Strategy with the PLANOLY Pin Planner

    May 14 2020  |  Tutorials , PLANOLY , Pinterest Planner


    You can now upload, plan, and schedule video content for Pinterest directly from your PLANOLY Pin Planner account. 

    Video content will continue to be an essential part of your social media strategy, allowing you to form deeper connections with your Pinners and take your storytelling to new heights. Pinterest Video Publishing through PLANOLY makes it easier than ever for you to curate video content. You can not only create a better Pinterest video strategy but seamlessly schedule or publish content throughout the weeks ahead with the PLANOLY Pin Planner. Build interactive and unique content for your audience by integrating fun videos into your Pinterest content mix. Because PLANOLY is an official Pinterest Partner, you will always have the most up to date features on our platform. 

    Scheduling video content is also available while you’re using the ‘Campaigns’ feature on the Pin Planner! Making it simple for you to implement your Pinterest video strategy and share content throughout upcoming campaigns and partnership initiatives. 

    Get Started with Video Publishing

    Uploading video content to Pinterest is easier than ever with our Pin Planner. Below, we’re laying out steps to start crafting, creating, and scheduling your video content for the platform. 

    1. Go to your PLANOLY dashboard on WEB
    2. Switch over to Pinterest
    3. Click on the (+) above ADD TO LIBRARY on the left side of your screen
    4. You’ll then have the option to upload a video from your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive
    5. Once uploaded, the media will appear in your LIBRARY on the left side of the screen
    6. Click into your newly uploaded video content to begin scheduling
    7. Add a Pin Title, Pin Description, Pin URL, and select the Board, and Date that you’d like for this Video Pin to go live. 
    8. You’re all set! 

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Pinterest Video Publishing is currently available on WEB only.


    How to Upload Videos While Scheduling Pinterest 'Campaigns'

    Uploading video content to ‘Campaigns’ on the PLANOLY Pin Planner is super easy too! Follow the simple steps below to get started. 

    1. Go to your PLANOLY dashboard on WEB
    2. Switch over to Pinterest
    3. Click on ‘CAMPAIGNS’ on the top right of the screen in between PLAN and ANALYZE
    4. Create your ‘CAMPAIGN’
    5. Name your Pin Campaign
    6. Add Pin Details
    7. Create ‘CAMPAIGN’ Rules 
    8. Select Publishing Times and click Next
    9. Tap on (+ Add Content) on the bottom of the screen to upload your video content
    10. Select your content from your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive
    11. Watch it appear under your Pin Content – scheduled and ready to be published! 

    Pinterest Video Publishing Best Practices

    “Video Pins stand out. They capture people’s attention in home feeds and search results. The best videos are inspirational and actionable.” – Pinterest 

    At Pinterest, they encourage users to think outside of the box when creating engaging content, so we’re sharing a few of their best practices when it comes to publishing video content on the platform. 

    Start Strong. Lead with a clear hook within the first few seconds of your video to help capture your audience’s attention from the beginning. Pinterest recommends being clear and precise about your intention with the video. 

    Make it Short and Simple. Keep your video messaging simple and to the point, making it easier for your audience to digest. According to Pinterest, ‘the sweet spot for organic videos is 1m-2m.’ And when it comes to promoted video content, 6-15 seconds works best. 

    Pinterest Example: ABC Network did an amazing job creating an engaging Video Pin to help promote their show “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.”

    “We were thrilled with our results. Not only were we able to drive positive lift in both tune-in rates and intent to watch, we learned Pinterest greatly increased our cost efficiency over other platforms alone like TV.” – Ben Blatt, Executive Director of Digital Strategy, ABC Television


    Don’t Rely on Audio. Try not to rely on the audio or dialogue because Pinterest video auto-plays on the feed with the sound off. Try using a text overlay or closed captions to help tell your visual story and make your content inclusive.

    Place Your Best Foot Forward. Pick a beautiful cover image for your feed to draw in your audience! Make sure that it’s relevant to the video and that it stands out. ‘A compelling cover image will help capture attention in home feeds and search results.’ (Think hi-resolution, high-quality imagery.)

    Keep Mobile in Mind. According to Pinterest: 80% of Pinners use Pinterest on mobile. This is even more reason to keep mobile in mind and make sure that your Pins shine and look great on all devices! Your content should always be simple and easy to read, both in the home feed and within a close-up view.

    Pinterest Pro Tip: Square (1:1) and vertical (2:3, 4:5, or 9:16) videos work best on Pinterest. 

    Think About Text. When creating engaging Pins, always optimize your copy for search. You can do this by crafting clear titles and descriptions that help convey what that Pin is all about. This will also help Pinterest to surface your Video Pin in more places! 

    Pinterest Example: BlendJet wanted to show off the versatility and design of their blender through video on Pinterest, and they were able to inspire Pinners through an engaging Video Pin. They were also thoughtful when it came to their text and Pin Description so that users would know exactly what the Pin was about!

    “We knew BlendJet would be a huge hit with Promoted Video Pins on Pinterest. The volume we’ve seen as a result has been incredible, and the costs are very low. We were profitable with the video campaign right out of the gate and our ROI has been incredible. We’ll continue to be a Pinterest advertiser until the end of time.” – Ryan Pamplin, Co-Founder & CEO BlendJet



    A Few Things to Note About the Pinterest Video for Pin Planner

    • The review status by Pinterest to post your video will take up to 24hrs
    • This is a Premium feature for Paid PLANOLY accounts only
    • Video API supports MP4 or QuickTime format
    • All video files should be H.264 or H.265 encoded (all profiles and levels are supported)
    • Both mono and stereo streams are supported in the following formats: AAC, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, and WMA
    • Videos should be between 4 seconds and 15 minutes
    • Videos need to be 100 MB file size

    Once your video is published to Pinterest, it can have one of the following video status messages:

    Video Processing (error message text in black): Your video is being processed. 

    Processing Failed (red text): Video failed to process, and you can try again later.

    Video in Review (black text): Pinterest is currently reviewing video. (Please note that some videos may take over 24 hours to be approved.)

    Video Failed Review (red text): Pinterest has rejected video for objectionable content. Please review Pinterest Community Guidelines for more info. If successful, it’s scheduled or published correctly.

    New Pinterest video-specific analytics have also been added to PLANOLY Analyze:

    Average Watch Time – The average time people watched your video. This includes people who rewatch your video within the same day.

    Video Views – The total number of times people viewed a close-up version of your video Pin for your board.

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: The Pricing page is now highlighted with P for video – stating that we now support Pinterest video.

    We can’t wait to see you get started with Pinterest Video Publishing through our Pin Planner! We hope this tutorial and Pinterest video strategy best practices provide you with the tips needed to begin uploading and planning your video content through our PLANOLY Pin Planner. 

    To learn more about Pinterest Video Publishing, head hereQuickly plan and schedule upcoming Pinterest video content through Pin Planner


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