New PLANOLY Feature: Pin Planner Mobile Analytics

    November 04 2019  |  News , Best Practices , Pinterest Planner


    Pinterest analytics provides a way to accurately measure the impact of your digital engagement strategy on your followers. All Pinterest users should sign up to become a free Business Account to receive these insights! Combing through the metrics can be time-consuming but is a key factor to inform your strategy. On the PLANOLY app, we've created a clean and digestible dashboard to view your most important Pinterest metrics. Our new analytics features for Pin Planner on mobile just made strategizing easier. Available for iOS and Android devices, analytics for Pin Planner on mobile offers a wealth of information surrounding your overall performance and audience engagement. Investing time and energy into mobile analytics will reinforce the things you're doing well and offer insight into improvement areas for your Pins.

    How Does It Work?

    • To access your new analytics dashboard for Pinterest, tap the Analytics (chart) icon on the lower bar.
    • Here, you'll find all your Pinterest metrics categorized under three tabs: Pins, Boards, and Overview.
    • Your "Pins" tab provides a detailed view of the engagement on each Pin. You'll see the number of likes, views, saves, link clicks, and more. You can also sort your data by a number of days.
    • The "Boards" tab offers an in-depth breakdown of your overall engagement. Metrics like total impressions, closeups, link clicks, and saves shown for your last 100 Pins. You can also view metrics by days, for up to 30 days (or view additional insights for the entirety of your account if you're a paid PLANOLY user).
    • Finally, the "Overview" tab shows a comprehensive snapshot of your Pinterest profile. It first speaks to your total audience then your total engaged audience. The overview also calculates your total number of Pins, link clicks, impressions, and saves.

    Who Can Use It?

    Pinterest mobile analytics is available to all PLANOLY users who have a business profile on Pinterest. Premium features and insights beyond 30 days are available to all paid PLANOLY users.

    Where Can I Find It?

    Once you've launched the PLANOLY app and switched accounts to your Pin Planner, tap on the "Analyze" tab, and all the metrics you've dreamed of will be at your fingertips. With more than 291 million monthly active users on Pinterest, learning from these advanced analytics is vital to the growth and subsequent success of your brand.

    Why Is This Helpful?

    Approximately 80% of Pinterest users access the platform from their phones – many users spend upwards to 14.2 minutes on average. Our Pin Planner mobile analytics makes it easy to stay informed and connected to your audience from in the palm of your hand. Stay in tune with what your Pinterest audience is searching for, which content resonates the most, and discover ways to tweak your strategy. Here's a refresher on using Pinterest Analytics. Experts have suggested that Pinterest revenue will reach the $1 billion mark in 2020. Now more than ever, it's critical to leverage the tools at your disposal to ensure that you're part of that their exponential growth. Upgrade your PLANOLY account today to ensure that your 2020 projections are trending in the same direction.