How to Use our Pin Planner's Pinterest Analytics Feature

    February 05 2021

    It can be hard to understand what content performs best on social media. With more than 400 million monthly active users on Pinterest, it’s important to understand what content resonates with your audience. 

    Pinterest analytics provides a way to accurately measure the impact of your engagement. Access to this feature requires that the user have a business account on the platform so we recommend signing up for a free Pinterest Business Account to receive these insights. 

    With PLANOLY’s Pin Planner, we’ve created a clean and digestible dashboard to view your most important Pinterest metrics. Our analytics features for Pin Planner makes strategizing much easier!

    Available on the PLANOLY mobile app or your web dashboard, analytics for Pin Planner offers a wealth of information surrounding your overall performance and audience engagement. Investing time and energy into analytics will reinforce the things you’re doing well and offer insight into improvement areas for your Pins.

    Who Can Use It? 

    Pinterest analytics is available to all PLANOLY users who have a business profile on Pinterest. Plus, if you’re a paid PLANOLY user, premium features and insights beyond 30 days are available! 

    How to Access Pin Planner Analytics

    1. To access your new analytics dashboard for Pinterest on, click on “Analyze” in the top right corner in Pin Planner. From the mobile app, tap on Analyze (the chart icon at the bottom of your screen)!

    Web Dashboard Pin Planner Analytics

    PLANOLY-Blog Post-Pinterest Analyze-Image 1

    1. Once you click on the “Analyze” tab from your PLANOLY web dashboard, you’ll see a view of all your analytics.
    2. On the left hand side of your screen, you’ll find an overview of your Pinterest profile. This includes your total audience and your total engaged audience. You will also see a holistic view of your content performance including total number of Pins, link clicks, impressions, and saves.
    3. Below the overview, you can use the BOARD OVERVIEW dropdown to see performance for each of your Pinterest boards. This includes impressions, closeups, link clicks, saves, video views & average video watch times. 
    4. On the right side, you will see your top Pins for a specific time period. You can view top Pins for the last 7, 30, or 90 days. You also have the option to filter to a specific timeframe of your choosing. It’s also important to note that you can see the top Pins that you created and shared as well as Pins you saved and shared from other accounts.

    Mobile App Pin Planner Analytics

    PLANOLY-Blog Post-Pinterest Analyze-Image 2

    1. Once you tap on the Analytics icon on the lower bar in the mobile app, you'll find all your Pinterest metrics categorized under three views: Pins, Boards, and Overview.
    2. Your Pins view provides a detailed view of the engagement on each Pin. You'll see the number of likes, views, saves, link clicks, and more. You can also filter your data by a selected date range.
    3. Your Boards view offers an in-depth breakdown of your overall engagement per Pinterest Board. Total impressions, closeups, link clicks, saves, video views & average watch times are shown for your last 100 Pins. You can view metrics for the last 7 or 30 days. Plus, view additional insights for the entirety of your account if you're a paid PLANOLY user.
    4. Finally, the Overview view shows a comprehensive snapshot of your Pinterest profile. It first speaks to your total audience then your total engaged audience. The overview also calculates your total number of Pins, link clicks, impressions, and saves.

    What Metrics Should I Focus On?

    While it’s great to have so many insights from Pinterest, it can also be overwhelming! Certainly your brand goals ultimately drive what you hope to achieve with your Pinterest strategy. And because of that, we recommend focusing primarily on engagement metrics: link clicks & saves. These two metrics are key indicators that Pinterest users value your content & may even be visiting your website or blog from Pinterest.

    PLANOLY-Blog Post-Pinterest Analyze-Image 3


    Now What?

    You can find even more information about Pin Planner analytics here

    Once you’re a Pin Planner analytics expert, check out how you can create pin campaigns using Pin Planner. Campaigns is a paid feature that allows you to create and automatically schedule hundreds of dedicated Pins related to a similar topic. So what are you waiting for? Unlock the power of Pinterest today!

    Now it’s easier than ever to plan, execute, and maximize your Pinterest marketing strategy. Learn more here.



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