Pinterest Holiday Trend Report

    October 06 2019

    The Holiday Season is quickly approaching, and what better way to plan for it than by taking a look at Pinterest's top trends for the season?! Today, we're going to dive into popular search terms, fun facts, and need-to-knows based on Pinterest's 2019 Seasonal Insights Report. Our goal is to help prep you for the months ahead when it comes to strategizing and content planning for Pinterest during the holiday season. We'll be dissecting stats from Pinners on the platform during October, November, and December, and looking into how these trends can shape your social media marketing goals this holiday season.Did you know that '62 million people come to Pinterest to get ideas for the holidays'? - That's a whole lot of people that you and your brand can reach during the season!Let's take a look at the Pinterest engagement factors throughout the year. Last year,Pinterest kept track of the way that engagement was performing throughout the year. The chart below shows that peek engagement occurred during specific holidays as well as during noteworthy moments throughout the year. This chart can be used for planning for peak advertising opportunities throughout the months ahead and for leveraging your brand throughout top-performing seasons.

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    Now, let's look at a quick Pinterest breakdown with a month-to-month view for October through December. These facts below will show you the things that you can look for during the holiday season and how you can build on upcoming holiday content. It's essential to understand what the majority of Pinners are searching for and gravitating towards on Pinterest during the holiday season so that you can best strategize and cater your content to them. Pinterest created an amazing trend report and did all of the work for you by dissecting popular search terms as well as trends for each of the months below. So, let's go ahead and dive in!'Tis the season for holiday parties and get-togethers! It's time to bring your best foot forward when it comes to holiday content planning.




    Leveraging your holiday content is key, and you should start strategizing during October to kickstart everything that you plan to accomplish during the season! With the facts above, we can see that popular search terms for the month of October include Halloween decorations and Couples Halloween costumes. October is a great month for party planners, shop owners, and creatives to think outside the box when gathering content ideas for their audience. Do you like to host holiday get-togethers', and do you share them on your blog? Or are you partnering with a brand that showcases fun Halloween costumes? Knowing how to leverage your Pins in a way that will place the spotlight on these popular search terms is key. Create blog posts centered around 'What to Wear this Halloween' or 'Decorating for a Halloween Party' and then share those images across Pinterest!

    Turkey time is the best time for family time. Take a look at popular search terms and stats for the month of November below.



    • There are 728 million Pins saved each year during November.
    • There are 67 million searches each year during November.
    • Popular search terms for Thanksgiving include: Mashed potatoes, Turkey recipes, Thanksgiving appetizers, and Friendsgiving.
    • Popular search terms for Black Friday include: Black Friday memes and Black Friday sale.
    • There are 16 million Pins saved each year during Black Friday.
    • There are 1 million searches each year during Black Friday.


    To leverage your content during November, it's best to look back at the key search terms and topics for that month last year. As mentioned above, it's evident that a lot of the popular search terms included Thanksgiving appetizers and Friendsgiving along with Black Friday sale. Are you a chef or a party planner? One of the benefits of knowing that the Thanksgiving season is a popular time for Pinners to search for appetizers is a great way to leverage your business. Create more content surrounding appetizer ideas as well as Friendsgiving concepts to share with your audience, and then broadcast those ideas on your Pinterest Account! (Don't forget to plan ahead with ourPin Planner too!) For example, do you own a shop or online retail company? Maximize on upcoming Black Friday sales, by creating Black Friday sale templates or updating your product images so that you can share them on Pinterest with your followers during November.

    It's Ho Ho Holiday Planning Time!!



    • There are 3 billion Pins saved each year during December.
    • There are 321 million searches each year during the month of December.
    • June through December is a peak advertising opportunity.
    • Popular search terms for the month of December include: Christmas decorations, Winter outfits, Elf on the Shelf Ideas, and Appetizers for party.


    December is one of the most popular times of the year to be sharing content centered around decor, winter styling, party appetizers & hors d'oeuvres, plus more. Knowing this, it's best to prioritize this type of content moving forward so that your Pins will show up in popular searches! For example, do you run a decorating business, or are you currently working on social for an event planning company? Knowing popular search terms and content on Pinterest for December is the best way to leverage your business's strengths during the holiday season and focus on creating even more content surrounding these search terms. Showcase your winter styling at home, or create a new holiday appetizer to share on your blog, and then post to Pinterest!

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Once you've gathered all of the content ideas you plan on working on throughout the season, you can easily plan and schedule your upcoming Pins with ourPin Planner! Make sure to utilize it during your content strategy workflow this holiday season!We hope that today's Holiday Trend Report helps you prep for upcoming Pinterest content during the holiday season. For more Holiday Pinterest tips, check out their list of Holiday Blog Posts here:Your Guide to Holidays on Pinterest


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