Pinterest for Business: Breaking Down the Pin Planner and How it Can Help Grow Your Brand

    May 29 2020

    Pinterest for Business: Breaking Down the Pin Planner and How it Can Help Grow Your Brand

    May 29 2020  |  Best Practices , PLANOLY , Pinterest Planner , Entrepreneurs

    Pinterest for Business: Breaking Down the Pin Planner and How it Can Help Grow Your Brand

    Simplifying social marketing is one of our primary goals here at PLANOLY. We created our Pin Planner to make sure that taking your Pinterest content to the next level was an easy and seamless process. Because make no mistake about it: amplifying your brand on Pinterest is good for your business. 

    But there are still a few questions about the Pin Planner – what is it, how to use it, and most importantly, how will it help grow your business. Today we’re going to answer each of those questions, and show you how to the Pin Planner can help you tap into the 367 + million active monthly users on Pinterest.

    The Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business

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    Before we dive into the many benefits of the Pin Planner, we first wanted to emphasize just how critical it is to engage with the third-largest social media platform in America. Tapping into Pinterest for business means that you open yourself up to the billions of users seeking out inspiration and products that can be discovered through your Pins.

    What’s more, content discovery differs on Pinterest than most other social media platforms. “83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest.” Utilizing the platform for your business is your chance to catch those buyers at the point of interest and intrigue. Understanding where Pinners seek and find inspiration help you put together an effective marketing strategy that’s targeted to their wants and needs.

    Showcasing your products and ideas on Pinterest also allows you to gauge interest in what you’ve created. Truly, that’s where the importance of the Pin Planner comes in, as an end-to-end scheduling and analytics tool.

    Breaking Down the Pin Planner

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    Well, let’s break down how you can use the Pin Planner on PLANOLY:

    Upload: You can upload content to your library on the desktop to the mobile version of PLANOLY

    Schedule: Schedule upcoming Pins or groups of Pins using 'Campaigns' (more on that later)

    Analytics: You can view your Pinterest insights and analytics, broken down into categories:

    • Pins: Detailed view of the engagement on each Pin. 
    • Boards: In-depth breakdown of your overall engagement. 
    • Overview: Comprehensive snapshot of your Pinterest profile. Includes your total audience and total engaged audience as well as the number of Pins, link clicks, impressions, and saves
    • Videos: You can now upload video Pins with the Pin Planner.

    The Pin Planner has two primary functions. The first is to simplify the process of getting your ideas and inspiration onto the platform, allowing you to upload and schedule your Pins. Secondly, the Pin Planner opens you up to a wide range of engagement metrics to help you fine-tune your Pinterest for business marketing strategy. 


    Key Metrics

    • Impressions: Impressions show the events for all Pins with the same image and link to your claimed domain. (Analyzing your impressions will allow you to see which Pins are performing better than others.)
    • Saves: This metric allows for you to see the number of times a specific Pin has been ‘saved’ by others as well as when a user on the platform “re-shares” or “re-Pins” content that has been created.
    • Link Clicks: With link clicks, you can view the total number of times people on Pinterest have clicked through to the URL on your Pins.

    How to Get Started Using the Pin Planner

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    The Pin Planner is extremely easy to use. It’s designed as a helpful tool that makes planning, scheduling, and marketing on Pinterest a breeze.

    The Pin Planner can help you plan days, weeks, or even months of engaging and thoughtful Pinterest content. You’ll also be able to keep track of how your Pins are performing. Analytics play a huge role in understanding your Pinterest following and how to effectively communicate with them. And with a Pinterest Business Account, you’ll be able to dissect even more in-depth analytics to grow your business.

    The Pin Planner with a Pinterest Business Account

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    By upgrading to a Pinterest business account, you’ll have access to additional metric insights. Along with the metrics mentioned above, a business account grants you access to the Your Audience, Detailed Content Data, and Board Overview features. 

    Here’s how each of those features helps you enhance your marketing approach through the Pin Planner:

    • Your Audience: Provides an insightful look into your total and engaged audience. 
    • Detailed Content Data: Offers a detailed view of your Pins when it comes to impressions, saves, and link clicks.
    • Board Overview: Analyze your boards, view all-time Pins, and view all-time followers.

    Pin Planner Marketing Strategies

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    Using your Pinterest for business is all about making sure your marketing strategy has a goal in mind. Being able to plan and schedule your content gives you a huge marketing leg-up. So does being able to analyze your audience behaviors and tailor your strategy to those specifics. 

    With billions of searches every month, it’s imperative that you tap into this vast user base to grow your brand. Here are a few ways the Pin Planner can help you drill down on your base:

    Campaigns for Pin Planner

    Our ‘Campaigns’ feature allows you to create a series of campaigns that will help you map out a dedicated schedule of images that are related to the same Pin description. 

    With ‘Campaigns,’ you’ll be able to create as many Pins as you want using the same title, description, and URL. The very first uploaded image will always be the first to be published with the option to also SHUFFLE images in order to redistribute your content across your boards. You’ll also be able to pause, delete, or complete a ‘Campaign.’ Learn more about creating ‘Campaigns’ here.

    Review Insights 

    Reviewing your analytics on the Pin Planner will allow you to view user trends within Pinterest. It’s not always easy to know what your customers are looking for or inspired by. But with Pin Planner insights, you can find out exactly which of your boards are getting the most engagement and detailed data and which of your Pins are performing best. 


    Reviewing saves and clicks with the Pin Planner can help you understand what type of content to prioritize on Pinterest. Content on Pinterest is always discoverable. So a great way to approach the marketing benefits of the Pin Planner is by reviewing your saves both immediately and over time. Trends on Pinterest typically begin to take shape months in advance. You can trend forecast with your own Pins and Boards!

    We hope this post gives you a better understanding of PLANOLY’s Pin Planner. It’s designed to make your entry point into Pinterest a piece of cake. In addition, to help you leverage the platform to grow your business and share your vision with millions of Pinterest users.

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    Start using the Pin Planner today and also download StoriesEdit now to help design unique and engaging Pin templates!



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