Pinterest Q1 2020 Trend Report

    January 10 2020

    Hello, 2020! With a new year comes new possibilities, opportunities, and emerging trends. Bouncing off of our Pinterest (Holiday) Trend Report, we're here to bring you Pinterest's Trend Report for Q1! We'll cover upcoming trends for the next few months and dive into the ways you can leverage these trends to build your brand's presence on the platform. Let's make 2020 your most inspired year yet!


    The Pinterest 100 report is an excellent source for inspiration to grow your content, build on future content, and continue finding ways to keep your audience engaged. Trends for the new year include a little mix of everything, and we are here for it. From everything space to the 90s re-run, you're sure to find ways to incorporate trends into your business marketing strategy to engage your audience. Build on these themes and emerging trends during the months ahead whenever you're creating content. It's sure to set you up for Pinterest success this season! Let's dive into a few trends below that we think will be big in 2020!

    Top Pinterest Trends for the First Quarter


    90s Re-runs

    Back are the days of hip hop parties, scrunchies, grunge fashion, and braided hairstyles. It's a trend that's sure to make even the Fresh Prince himself proud. Whether it's your favorite TV show, fictional movie character, or regrettable fashion, nostalgia is making its rounds in 2020.

    In the US: Thanks to a 25th-anniversary collab with Ralph Lauren and some of our favorite re-runs, "Friends" is making a splash once again.

    Worldwide: Heritage brands like FILA are beginning to reach new audiences as an authentic 90s vibe is emerging with Gen Z.

    Pinterest Board Idea: Create a Pinterest board dedicated to your favorite 90's fictional character and how they would use your brand or product. For example, which brand of shoes would Forest Gump prefer? What's his favorite Shrimp boil recipe? That's a board we're ready to hop on.PLANOLY-Blog-Post-Pinterest-Q1-Trend-Report-Image-3-2

    Finding Balance

    2020 is the year of finding balance by improving your outlook and placing an emphasis on self-care + self-love. From self-discovery journals, art therapy, and social media detoxes to mood booster playlists, and juice remedies, this current trend is sure to help kickstart your follower's inner zen.

    In the US: Yale is offering a new class called "Psychology and the Good Life," making it one of their most popular courses for students. Mindful meditation retreats are on the rise, and social media platforms are making digital wellbeing a priority.

    Worldwide: "Relaxed checkouts" and "slow shopping aisles" are quickly making a mindful splash across the pond (UK), while personal training for both mental and physical strength is making it's way to Hong Kong.

    Pinterest Business Tip: "Healthier habits come from routine. Use your marketing channels to suggest easy rituals like morning baths or a soothing stretch." - Pinterest

    Home Hub

    Say hello to Home Hub! This trend is sure to make all the homebodies happy by incorporating things like work from home wear, indoor microgreens, granny pods, home brewing, and more!

    In the US: Now, you don't have to leave the house for your next workout. The latest interactive device, Mirror, can stream live workouts directly to your wall!

    Worldwide: In China, meal delivery services are making it cheaper to order in than to cooking at home for yourself. It's highly competitive for companies to offer even more promotions for their hungry customers. And across the pond, a furniture system by the name of Vitra's Soft Work is combining seating, tables, and power outlets for their work from home friends.

    Pinterest Business Tip: "Help people bring more activities into their home with things like hobby starter kits and home office decor bundles. If you're a B2B brand, help your clients think about ways to equip remote employees."- PinterestPLANOLY-Blog-Post-Pinterest-Q1-Trend-Report-Image-4-2


    Did you know, "52 million US Pinners engage with beauty content on Pinterest." There are endless opportunities for beauty brands to get their products to face forward with an audience who's fully engaged and ready to make thoughtful purchases. If you're a beauty brand trying to get started on Pinterest, use tactical ways to engage with your followers in a meaningful way. Highlight upcoming sales, share new product releases, and keep them in the know with new and noteworthy happenings with your brand. (Bonus points if you share product tutorials! Everyone loves a great how-to on Pinterest.) Peruse here for more trends from the Pinterest 100 and head here for the Top January trends on Pinterest.Put these trends and insights to work for you by watching them in action with your followers! The most important thing we can do as creators is to be mindful of the content that our followers want to see and to continue to share a variety of engaging content.


    Dive into our Analyzefeature to discover top trends with your audience. While these Pinterest trends are a great start off point, it's also beneficial to stay conscious of the topics that your followers are gravitating towards the most on your page to keep them coming back for more! Your audience insights and analytics will help you do just that.This year, use Pinterest to focus on your brand's message and fine-tune your brand's content to continue to build your business as a whole. We hope these trends help you reach your brand's full potential on the platform in 2020. And as always, don't forget to check out more helpful Pinterest tips over on the PLANOLY Blog.

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